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Created February 4, 2020 15:36
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Google IME's keymap file
status key command
DirectInput Hiragana IMEOn
Precomposition Hiragana IMEOn
Composition Right MoveCursorRight
Composition Left MoveCursorLeft
Conversion Backspace Cancel
Conversion Ctrl [ Cancel
Conversion Ctrl h Cancel
Composition ESC Cancel
Conversion ESC Cancel
Conversion Insert Cancel
Composition Hankaku/Zenkaku CancelAndIMEOff
Conversion Hankaku/Zenkaku CancelAndIMEOff
Precomposition Hankaku/Zenkaku CancelAndIMEOff
Composition Muhenkan CancelAndIMEOff
DirectInput Muhenkan CancelAndIMEOff
Precomposition Muhenkan CancelAndIMEOff
Conversion Muhenkan CancelAndIMEOff
Conversion Ctrl u ConvertToHiragana
Composition F6 ConvertToHiragana
Conversion F6 ConvertToHiragana
Precomposition Ctrl F12 LaunchConfigDialog
Composition Delete Delete
Precomposition F10 ToggleAlphanumericMode
Conversion Ctrl m Commit
Composition Down Commit
Composition Enter Commit
Conversion Enter Commit
Precomposition Ctrl Backspace Undo
Composition F2 ConvertWithoutHistory
Precomposition Space InsertSpace
Composition Backspace Backspace
DirectInput Shift Henkan Reconvert
Precomposition Shift Henkan Reconvert
Precomposition Backspace Revert
Conversion Ctrl n CommitOnlyFirstSegment
Conversion Down CommitOnlyFirstSegment
Suggestion Ctrl Enter CommitFirstSuggestion
Suggestion Shift Enter CommitFirstSuggestion
Conversion Henkan ConvertNextPage
Prediction Ctrl Down ConvertNext
Conversion Ctrl Space ConvertNext
Prediction Down ConvertNext
Conversion Shift Space ConvertNext
Conversion Space ConvertNext
Prediction Ctrl Delete DeleteSelectedCandidate
Conversion Shift Henkan ConvertPrevPage
Prediction Ctrl Up ConvertPrev
Conversion Shift Tab ConvertPrev
Conversion Up ConvertPrev
Prediction Up ConvertPrev
Conversion Ctrl i ConvertToFullKatakana
Composition F7 ConvertToFullKatakana
Conversion F7 ConvertToFullKatakana
Conversion Ctrl p ConvertToFullAlphanumeric
Composition F9 ConvertToFullAlphanumeric
Conversion F9 ConvertToFullAlphanumeric
Precomposition Shift Space InsertAlternateSpace
Precomposition Ctrl F7 LaunchWordRegisterDialog
Conversion Ctrl o ConvertToHalfWidth
Composition F8 ConvertToHalfWidth
Conversion F8 ConvertToHalfWidth
Conversion Ctrl @ ConvertToHalfAlphanumeric
Composition F10 ConvertToHalfAlphanumeric
Conversion F10 ConvertToHalfAlphanumeric
Conversion Shift Right SegmentFocusRight
Conversion Ctrl Right SegmentFocusLast
Conversion Shift Left SegmentFocusLeft
Conversion Ctrl Left SegmentFocusFirst
Conversion Ctrl k SegmentWidthShrink
Conversion Ctrl Shift Left SegmentWidthShrink
Conversion Left SegmentWidthShrink
Conversion Ctrl l SegmentWidthExpand
Conversion Ctrl Shift Right SegmentWidthExpand
Conversion Right SegmentWidthExpand
Composition Henkan Convert
Composition Shift Henkan Convert
Composition Shift Space Convert
Composition Space Convert
Suggestion Ctrl Down PredictAndConvert
Suggestion Down PredictAndConvert
Composition Tab PredictAndConvert
Conversion Tab PredictAndConvert
Composition Kanji CancelAndIMEOff
Composition OFF CancelAndIMEOff
Composition ON IMEOn
Conversion Kanji CancelAndIMEOff
Conversion OFF CancelAndIMEOff
Conversion ON IMEOn
DirectInput Kanji IMEOn
DirectInput ON IMEOn
Precomposition Kanji CancelAndIMEOff
Precomposition OFF CancelAndIMEOff
Precomposition ON IMEOn
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