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Last active June 7, 2021 22:09
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Goodbye Freenode. It was a mostly-fun 15 years.
# "Official services" forced out of channel, usurper joins and gains control.
[2021-05-25T23:04:14-0400] ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) left the channel
[2021-05-25T23:04:17-0400] freenodecom (~com@freenode/staff) joined the channel
[2021-05-25T23:04:17-0400] freenodecom sets mode +o freenodecom
[2021-05-25T23:04:17-0400] freenodecom changed the topic to This channel has moved to ##webcore. The topic is in violation of freenode policy:
[2021-05-25T23:04:17-0400] <@freenodecom> This channel has been reopened with respect to the communities and new users. The topic is in violation of freenode policy:
# All channel modes reset (bans, quiets, …)
[2021-05-25T23:04:17-0400] OperServ sets mode +o freenodecom
[2021-05-25T23:04:17-0400] ChanServ sets mode +imnpscf-bbb ##webcore *!*@*shell/* *!*@* $a:average
# All user permissions removed (operator, voice, …)
[2021-05-25T23:04:17-0400] freenodecom sets mode -ov GothAlice GothAlice
[2021-05-25T23:04:17-0400] freenodecom sets mode -v merkazu
[2021-05-25T23:04:19-0400] <@freenodecom> The new channel is ##webcore
[2021-05-25T23:04:25-0400] freenodecom (~com@freenode/staff) left the channel
# Test, yup, it's dead.
[2021-05-26T06:22:59-0400] <GothAlice> Welp, it happened.
[2021-05-26T06:22:59-0400] Message(404): Cannot send to nick/channel
[2021-05-26T06:23:03-0400] GothAlice (~amcgregor@unaffiliated/gothalice) left the channel
[2021-05-26T06:22:12-0400] freenodecom has userhost ~com@freenode/staff and real name “”
[2021-05-26T06:22:12-0400] freenodecom is connected on (US)
[2021-05-26T06:22:13-0400] freenodecom signed on at Yesterday at 15:59:16 EDT and has been idle for 2 hours, 20 minutes,
[2021-05-26T06:22:13-0400] freenodecom is logged in as freenodecom
[2021-05-26T06:31:34-0400] <GothAlice> Account created: 3d 8h 8m 24s ago / 15y 12w 0d ago — Guess which one is me? I wasn't born yesterday. You almost literally were. Other than the staff/ marker and actual +o actions, I would simply not have believed you.
[2021-05-26T06:31:41-0400] <GothAlice> This has risen to an interesting case of "I will not bend the knee". So, no. I will not be migrating my channel to a different namespace. I will not be threatened, intimidated, nor will I treat the current situation in any way other than what it is: a hostile takeover by someone essentially uninvolved. I've already advised corporate as to the supply chain and privacy risks, and I only have an account to keep this nick registered and avoid spoofing.
[2021-05-26T06:32:08-0400] <GothAlice> Goodbye.
[2021-05-26T08:43:17-0400] <GothAlice> Ah, very brief follow-up: beyond being incompetent (the immediate follow-up broadcast about "whoops, we may have pushed too many buttons" demonstrates this), this change is also clueless. If this is the "topic" that was referred to, and not the literal channel topic: "Primary channels, which begin with a single # character, are reserved for on-topic projects."
[2021-05-26T08:43:36-0400] <GothAlice> ← guess what.
[2021-05-26T08:44:20-0400] <GothAlice> I must have registered that channel around 2009. :slow clap:
[2021-05-26T10:16:25-0400] <GothAlice> And you even failed to properly recreate the channel. By failing to transfer the ACLs correctly and recreating manually, I am not an operator of my own channel any more. Good lord, I was already on my way out, but this takes the cake. Now I have to emergency update a few dozen READMEs to disparage this service.
[2021-05-26T10:08:39-0400] GothAlice (~amcgregor@unaffiliated/gothalice) joined the channel
[2021-05-26T10:08:39-0400] Mode is +FPcfnt #freenode
[2021-05-26T10:08:43-0400] You are not authorized to (de)op gothalice on ##webcore.
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