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Hybrid Work

Alice Zoë Bevan–McGregor amcgregor

Hybrid Work
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amcgregor /
Created September 23, 2023 15:50
Interesting extortion spam (that obviously was easily caught by my spam filter) with some interesting tell-tale signs. I just really can't help but ridicule it publicly.

Original e-mail contained the following, where the full sentence is a link:


I have important information for you (and about you).

Good luck!

The link was of a large block of text encoded into:…

amcgregor /
Last active September 23, 2023 14:28
Zight (formerly CloudApp) just doesn't want to see me go. Even though I haven't paid in years, and they've been in the process of deleting my content slowly over the course of those years.

The amount of effort y'all go to for retention is absurd. I've already requested this once, and was ignored, now DELETE MY ACCOUNT.

Six questions to cancel my plan, which apparently is worth $69.69/month—funE JOKE—and it fails. I've already manually gone through more than a hundred pages of largely lost data (since y'all have been deleting it from the storage back-end for a while). When requested several years ago, you were unable to provide an archive of my data.

This behaviour, were I an EU citizen, would be actually illegal. (Data portability, right to be forgotten.)

Video of my attempt to unsubscribe, and the insane retention attempts:


amcgregor /
Last active September 6, 2023 20:53
The review I left on the App Store for the GTD task management app, Things. Which I like and can recommend, but can not recommend using for inspiration.


Excellent GTD task management, with quibbles.

A few of the keyboard shortcuts are a touch non-obvious, and in the early days I had some difficulty with task database corruption—I have a TON of items, projects, and areas. Those are the general quibbles.

The personal one: it amuses me to no end that while the latest update as of 2023-09-06 now includes vector graphics and dynamic scale, in 2009 they threatened to sue me when I demonstrated what might be possible using them by showing a tiny bit of HTML and CSS. It took 14 years to implement the functionality. 14 years.

"…or even talk about the fact that you copied the design, it has the potential to hurt us and cause damage to us."

amcgregor /
Last active July 10, 2023 13:04
An example of a WIP WebCore resource dispatch implementation for "generic" database-backed collections and resources.
from webob.exc import HTTPConflict
from web.dispatch.resource.action import Action
from web.dispatch.resource.generic import GenericCollection as Collection
from web.secuity import when
from web.gilt.helper import _, L_
if __debug__: from import Static
amcgregor /
Created June 19, 2023 01:58
My video comment on this week's Free Style the News with Zaid Tabani, re: the Reddit Blackout and Twitter.

What's a dit, and why is it red? I mean, I keep intoning to friends, "If it's free, you're the product." Reddit has just admitted y'all are worth nothing. At least, not enough to keep the lights on. Despite all of the content produced, and hours volunteered for curation. And software developers having professional teams writing software to extend the ecosystem.

Worth. Nothing to them.

Musk with Twitter has demonstrated that having a lying cheapskate fascist encouraging your one real revenue stream (advertisement) to abandon you may be an unwise life choice, and that not paying rent might not be a viable long-term strategy; but this is 🤬 obvious. You don't acquire a thing only to destroy it.

Or you do, and I'll herald Musk as the solution to our world's modern problems if Twitter is just step one, next up: Meta and Facebook. But… he's not actually that rich. Or that altruistic. Or that intelligent. He's just been coasting on the backs of the brilliant people around him. His "solo" ventures are quite literal

amcgregor / backed-console.js
Last active August 4, 2023 19:01
Python-like prototype additions, polyfills, and server-backed client-side behaviour.
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// console.* Polyfill and, in production, no-op replacement.
(function() {
// An inspired polyfill for standard web browser user agent console interactions.
// This serves several purposes:
// 1. Add standardized methods missing from the local implementation to prevent code calling these from producing exceptions which halt JavaScript execution.
// 2. Direct certain logging actions at a back-end server collection endpoint, for archival, analytics, and diagnostics.
// 3. Squelch (mute or silence) "noisier" console endpoints to prevent user agents from exposing diagnostic information to end-users.
amcgregor / channel.log
Last active May 16, 2023 20:57
Chat logs of a disruptive / unhinged user ("cantelope"—can't even spell, or get a host mask 😑) from the #webdev channel on Libera.
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put out fire deploys :(
is it IT related
i don't want to assume it's IT/sw dev
amcgregor / _Multiple File Upload
Last active August 19, 2023 13:22
A sample application to try out capturing multi-file uploads with nested structures.
View _Multiple File Upload

Create a new virtual environment somewhere you'd like to place these files.

python3.9 -m venv uploadtest
cd uploadtest
. bin/activate

Then drop these files in that directory. Install dependencies:

amcgregor / scroll-spy.js
Created March 28, 2022 05:39
A relatively light-weight "scroll spy" to pivot scrolling events from edge → level.
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{ // Detect scrolling of the viewport away from the absolute top of the document.
function scrollHandler(e) {
if ( window.scrollY == 0 && document.body.scrollTop == 0 ) document.body.classList.remove('offset')
else document.body.classList.add('offset')
// Watch for the page being scrolled.
window.addEventListener('scroll', scrollHandler)
document.body.addEventListener('scroll', scrollHandler)
amcgregor / dialog.js
Last active September 1, 2023 17:35
A fairly complete HTML5 dialog utility implementation with a few "advanced" features, with accessibility in mind. Utilizing as a polyfill for ancient browsers, omit the first block (and polyfill) if Internet Explorer isn't your bag, baby.
View dialog.js
// Present dialog content "lazily loaded" from a dedicated endpoint.
// Additionally, support automatic transformation of navigational links to modal popovers when annotated: rel=modal
// Any element annotated data-dismiss=modal will close the active dialog when clicked.
// Clicking the backdrop will automatically close the dialog when no form is present [or the form is unmodified].
// MIT Licensed:
// Copyright (c) 2021-2022, Alice Bevan-McGregor (alice -[at]- gothcandy [*dot*] com)
{ // Polyfill if required to support your browser needs.
dialogPolyfill.registerDialog(dialog) // Direct access to the DOM node as it is assigned to the window object by ID, ref: support.html