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Tags (and their colours) I use on GitHub Issues.
dd5500 A critical security issue is involved.
e10c02 1.defect A problem has been encountered that is preventing utilization.
2d9e11 2.enhancement A request for a new feature or altered behaviour.
ad009f 3.question Additional information has been requested.
2a4380 area:
d4c5f9 client:
6c8ad5 component:crud Issue involves the REST API operations: create, read, update, or delete.
6c8ad5 component:model Issue involves data model changes or enhancements.
6c8ad5 component:testing Issue involves testing; functional, integration, or front-end.
6c8ad5 component:ux Issue involves user-interfacing elements (User Interface) and User Experience.
eb6420 critical Impacts users directly and is critical to prioritize for correction.
eb6420 important Issue is business-critical or otherwise scheduled as part of project planning.
eb6420 investigation Issue is in the discovery process, investigating the failure or request.
000000 meta:blocked Issue is blocked pending another issue or an external factor.
000000 meta:hold Issue is on hold pending additional planning and scheduling.
000000 meta:discuss Issue may be larger in scope, requiring discussion.
000000 meta:duplicate Issue or pull request already exists.
000000 meta:rejected This does not seem right and/or will not be worked on.
ffe940 need:documentation Improvements or additions to documentation are required.
ffe940 need:example A minimal, or even better, concrete example needs to be provided.
ffe940 need:test Tests are required before acceptance.
006b75 org:good-first-issue Good for newcomers to the project to tackle.
006b75 org:help-wanted Assistance is requested.
6c8ad5 org:triage This is a new issue requiring investigation and classification.
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