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Questions to Ask Your Technical Interviewers

Questions to Ask Your Technical Interviewers

Questions marked as (HM) are best suited for the hiring manager.

Area: Alignment

  • Why are you working at this company? What motivates you to stay?
  • What’s something that if your team/org achieves this year, the entire company/leadership would notice?
  • If you had a magic wand, what’s one thing you’d change about the company?
  • (HM) If you had filled this role 2 months ago, what would they be doing now?
  • (HM) How many people have left your team in the past 6 months?

Area: Management

  • How do you do planning? How often does it happen? How often does it get revised?
  • What’s the weakest form of communication in your team/company? Slack? Meetings? Memos?
  • (HM) How many people have left this team in the last 6 months? Can I speak to one of them?
  • (HM) What happens when we disagree even after an hour of good conversation?
  • (HM) Tell me about a time you failed to collaborate with a report or a manager.

Area: Growth

  • When was the last time you had to learn something new? How did you schedule/budget for it with your manager?
  • Do you know anyone who you think should’ve been promoted but wasn’t? Why?
  • What happens when an engineer wants opportunities that their team doesn’t have?
  • (HM) What does it look like when you have healthy feedback channel with a report? What are its failure modes?
  • (HM) If you imagine a hypothetical perfect candidate for this role, what skills do they have?
  • (HM) What is promotable work in this role? What are typical reasons a packet is rejected?

Area: WLB

  • How often do you have to work over weekends?
  • What does crunch time look like?
  • What’s your worst experience being on call?
  • (HM) How many times in the past 6 months have you asked reports to work overtime?
  • (HM) How do you tell if a report’s marching towards burnout? What do you do about it?
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