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adding my notes to edavis10 notes

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Infoproducts Show and Tell hosted by Kelly Parkinson and Amy Hoy

Infoproducts---> something that teaches, helps you learn, transforms your mind, works with you (not for you). Can be part of your own process, can be part of your website so people can do their own.

  • ebooks---solve some kind of problem, share some kind of knowledge
    • 37s sold a $400 ecommerce store design booklet
  • screencasts---animating things
  • videos---tutorials? documentaries?
  • audio lectures---very focused topic using sound?
  • white papers---reports---big companies love reports!
  • sell cheat sheets---Cliff Notes!
  • checklists and flowcharts---steps on how to work better
  • workbooks---break it down into bite sized pieces
  • software that aids learning---big for software developers
  • presentations---more multimedia than a video?
  • summaries---"in conclusion" paragraphs have a lot of information.
  • classes and courses and more!---what else can your infoproduct format be?

What do we love about Infoproducts? -they teach something not published in a traditional way -limited edition and small runs

  • specific and niche content is really good b/c publishers aren't interested in publishing them ---some information does not need to be padded, though the publishing industry will insist it does. Don't write for the money. Why not write for the money? (i.e: Delta of Venus by Anais Nin. famously paid $1/pg)

Unusual products can have

  • small niche
  • focused small classes
  • can charge top dollar
  • deal directly with creator, eliminate the publisher as middleman

  • broad topics are hard, niche topics are easier

Consulting--->reach a few people since it's mostly 1:1 infoprod--->reach more people

Passive income: price points smaller products product vs list which comes first? offer a discount~! affiliates- yay or nay?

Beta Version vs Full Version Mini Product (30 individual chapters) vs Whole (book) which is better?

How much value is provided?

some source idea examples:

Kelly Parkinson 1st product was recipes.

  • "27 copywriting recipes" - built from her own process -too broad. Organized sections and came up with a Trail Map of website. Adventure map of design. Structure and questions

Blog Post Twister

Fun---> blog fright---> find a comfort zone. Talking to Monsters Coloring Book

Fears: infoproducts to make people feel better Pain relief the ugh factor how to package Notice what's irritating or painful Check your blog posts! What is being read. Binders are good. Downloads get lost. Printed materials connect to sales page. Favorite products: article writing course The Curse (anxiety) of Knowledge (close to what you know): How Not to Suck <----product

Amy Hoy - ebook writing explaining Thomas did the coding---> identified parts of web pages that are slow

Peepcode <----best programming site!

Blog posts Freebies Tweets Discounts (baiting) Mailing Flash Cards Trading Cards Visuals ASK people to sign up

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