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tanvirraj commented Jul 31, 2017


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mmdsharifi commented Aug 1, 2017

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arsenijesavic commented Aug 9, 2017

really good video, exploring a lot of js weirdness: JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

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deenjohn commented Aug 9, 2017 Best Javascript course ever. Anthony Alicea's ( 3 course on Javascript ,Node, Angular1.0 on Udemy are the best courses for any beginner.He teaches you not just API but how it works Internally .Do read the reviews. You would be greatly benefitted from these courses.

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deenjohn commented Aug 9, 2017

Loadash library source code is also good read for understanding functional Javascript

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getify commented Aug 10, 2017

If you find my @YDKJS books helpful, you might also check out my "Functional-Light JS" book:

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iAmShakil commented Jul 19, 2018

In my opinion, this tutorial is one of the best JavaScript tutorials ever. The list is incomplete without it.

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lighthousand commented Nov 19, 2018

I find this very helpful, you can also contribute with the translation in your own language :

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