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If you want your friends to be able to connect to you, you need to buy a server that will host your emulator and OpenServer.

  1. Click on the link SUPER DEAL (LIMITED OFFER) 100 USD FOR REGISTRATION!!!: GET YOUR bonus for VPS account (or this link)
  2. Register and get $100 for FREE for your account for trying Vultr
  3. Load money for VPS
  4. Click on + and create VPS
  5. Receive your extra bonus balance for your account because of the link above.

Guide how to make VPS

  1. Click on +

  2. Select location what is close to you.

  3. Select Windows 2012

  4. Select 60GB SSD plan (2cores and 4Gb ram is minimum recommend for the server)

  5. Now name your server and click Deploy Now

  6. Wait around 10 mins until the server will be fully installed.

When it will be installed you will see:

  1. Click Start button and find "Remote Server Connection"

  2. Enter IP address from your server what you got.

  3. Then will be asked login / pass.

  4. Then press Yes

  5. Server Manager -> Local Server -> IE Enchanced Security -> Off.

  6. Download and extract: 01_Emulator, and 03_OpenServer. This is all what you need.

Note: you can use 7zip (free archiver) to extract data from archives. Download and install it too, it will be required for you.

  1. Run OpenServer Server. (Green Flag)

  2. Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable by link below:

  1. Run Emulator (runserver.bat)

At this point you have installed in 15 steps all your server online. Now you need just edit sclientinfo.xml inside your data/ folder and change to ip address of your server. And now you can give your friend the client and he will be able connect to you.

  1. Edit Client files (data/sclientinfo.xml) file

That it! Now you will be able to connect to the server. But before that, we need to open ports for our emulator only.

For that we need.

  1. Now let's open 6900, 5121, 6121 ports for our emulator on our VPS (

a.) Click On server manager b.) select "Local Server" c.) Click on "Windows Firewall: PUblic: On" (on public On) d.) Will be opened a new window where you can control windows firewall. (Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Firewall) e.) Inside this window click "Advanced Settings" at left sidebar f.) Will be opened Windows Firewall Window g.) Now click on "Inbound Rules" at left Sidebar, and then click on "New Rule" button at right sidebar.

h.) Select "Port", and click on Next Button

i.) Select "TCP", Select "Specific Ports", and enter: "5121, 6121, 6900" this is ports used by emulator (login, char, map servers)

And click on next button.

j.) Now select "Allow the Connection" (first option) and click on Next button.

Now again click next

k.) select name for your firewall Rule, and description, and finally click on "Finish"

At this step you opened: 6121, 5121, 6900 ports to internet. So you can now connect from your computer to your server.


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CrispyCritterz commented Feb 2, 2022

whenever I try to runserver.bat I get an error stating "the prograM CAN'T START BECAUSE cvruntime140.DLL IS MISSING FROM YOUR COMPUTER. tRY REINSTALLING THE PROGRAM to fix this problem. I have tried reinstalling C++ and the Ragnarok resources.

FIXED I installed both versions of C++ and everything is running smoothly

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CrispyCritterz commented Feb 3, 2022

I ran into another issue my data folder isn't there so I need to get/make a new one or am I missing something. Also, how do I launch the game to connect I do have the server running but I have no idea how to connect to the client as a player.

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anacondaq commented Feb 5, 2022

@CrispyCritterz GRF EDitor -> open GRF, find clientinfo.xml and replace to your IP.

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NekoMilaki commented Feb 9, 2022

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