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Selenium Web Driver Set Chrome Options
//import the selenium web driver
var webdriver = require('selenium-webdriver');
var chromeCapabilities =;
//setting chrome options to start the browser fully maximized
var chromeOptions = {
'args': ['--test-type', '--start-maximized']
chromeCapabilities.set('chromeOptions', chromeOptions);
var driver = new webdriver.Builder().withCapabilities(chromeCapabilities).build();
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codingyourlife commented Aug 13, 2019

Took me. while to figure this ChromeOptions in javascript nodejs out.


  • You cannot say import { Options } from "selenium-webdriver/chrome"; - no idea why to be honest
  • Testing it with start-maximized is a bad idea. Didn't work for me. setMobileEmulation or my blink-settings argument work
  • It is really confusing because there are Capabilities, Options, DesiredCapabilities ChromeOptions etc. and you can load Options from capabilities and such strange things

Here my working example where I disable all images through command line argument (pretty obvious if it works):

import webdriver from "selenium-webdriver";
import chrome from "selenium-webdriver/chrome";

export const getNewChromeWrapperDriver = () => {
  // var chromeCapabilities =;

  const chromeOptions = new chrome.Options();

  var driver = new webdriver.Builder()
    // .withCapabilities(chromeCapabilities)

  const seleniumWrapper = {
    webdriver: webdriver,
    driver: driver,
    quit: async () => {
      await driver.quit();

  return seleniumWrapper;

As you can see chromeCapabilities are not needed in contrast to some solutions above.


import { getNewChromeWrapperDriver } from "./helper/seleniumWrapper.mjs";

const { driver, webdriver } = getNewChromeWrapperDriver()

I kept finding this gist so I thought I add my snippet here...

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jbdoster commented Sep 4, 2019

Thank you!!!

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Addition to my comment. I've now upgraded to node 12 since it is now LTS and ran into this issue:
ERR_MODULE_NOT_FOUND selenium-webdriver/chrome

Since import of selenium-webdriver/chrome does no longer work
import chrome from "selenium-webdriver/chrome"; //broken

Here is my workaround:

import require from "requirejs";
const chrome = require("selenium-webdriver/chrome"); //works

This again took me quite a while to find out so I hope this helps!

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Is it possible to disable w3c using this config?

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dose anyone knows how to do the same with firefox. (open firefox with a specific profile path)

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qquach commented Oct 14, 2020

some good source:

The new syntax for nodejs (NOTE: the key value)
chromeCapabilities.set("goog:chromeOptions", options);

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ramrami commented Oct 17, 2020

Thank you

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Thanks @qquach

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You rock!

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For newer versions of Node with ES modules enabled (14+)

import chrome from 'selenium-webdriver/chrome.js';

let opts = new chrome.Options();
opts.excludeSwitches('enable-automation'); // disable 'Chrome is being controlled by automation' banner

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