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Created August 2, 2012 01:41
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Export your links from Safari reading list
/usr/bin/plutil -convert xml1 -o - ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist | grep -E -o '<string>http[s]{0,1}://.*</string>' | grep -v icloud | sed -E 's/<\/{0,1}string>//g'
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hairybridget commented Nov 2, 2018

I can't get it to work on Mojave. Any help?

Just figured this out. Mojave added extra security layers to everything, so you have to go into System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy. Under "Full DIsk Access" add Terminal. After relaunches, rerun the script and it should work again.

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very good, thank you

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I love this!!! Thank you!!

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