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Created August 2, 2012 01:41
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Export your links from Safari reading list
/usr/bin/plutil -convert xml1 -o - ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist | grep -E -o '<string>http[s]{0,1}://.*</string>' | grep -v icloud | sed -E 's/<\/{0,1}string>//g'
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Worked quickly and perfectly, but it also pulls my current bookmarks, which took a bit to realize what was going on. Very nice. Thank you.

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ghost commented Dec 17, 2014

Worked perfectly. Thank you.

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Is it possible to export the reading list URL's from Safari 5.1 and import them into Safari 7.1? I've noticed that they are embedded in the bookmarks.plist in Safari 5.1 but stored in a separate folder in Safari 7.1.
Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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terorie commented Mar 24, 2018

Piping to open -f opens everything in TextEdit which is much nicer, imo.

/usr/bin/plutil -convert xml1 -o - ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist | grep -E -o '<string>http[s]{0,1}://.*</string>' | grep -v icloud | sed -E 's/<\/{0,1}string>//g' | open -f

You don't have to remember this line, the following command will create a script called ExportReadingList.command and opens finder to show it to you.

printf '#!/bin/bash\n'"/usr/bin/plutil -convert xml1 -o - ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist | grep -E -o '<string>http[s]{0,1}://.*</string>' | grep -v icloud | sed -E 's/<\/{0,1}string>//g' | open -f\n" > ExportReadingList.command && chmod +x ExportReadingList.command && open -R ExportReadingList.command

Whenever ExportReadingList.command is executed (from Finder), it will open TextEdit with the current reading list and bookmarks.

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Works well !!

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j1nma commented Oct 14, 2018

I can't get it to work on Mojave. Any help?

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hairybridget commented Nov 2, 2018

I can't get it to work on Mojave. Any help?

Just figured this out. Mojave added extra security layers to everything, so you have to go into System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy. Under "Full DIsk Access" add Terminal. After relaunches, rerun the script and it should work again.

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very good, thank you

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I love this!!! Thank you!!

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