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import RxSwift
let bestSellingAlbums = [
(title: "Thriller", salesInMillions: 93),
(title: "Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975", salesInMillions: 41),
(title: "Hotel California", salesInMillions: 32),
(title: "Come on Over", salesInMillions: 29),
(title: "Led Zeppelin IV", salesInMillions: 29),
(title: "The Bodyguard Soundtrack", salesInMillions: 28),
(title: "Rumours", salesInMillions: 27),
(title: "Back in Black", salesInMillions: 26),
(title: "21", salesInMillions: 25),
(title: "Jagged Little Pill Year: 1995", salesInMillions: 24),
let disposeBag = DisposeBag()
.subscribe(onNext: {
.disposed(by: disposeBag)
// Output:
// (title: "The Bodyguard Soundtrack", salesInMillions: 28),
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