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MToon to RealToon Shader Swapper for Unity
// MToon to RealToon Shader Swapper for Unity
// by Andy Miira (Andrei Müller), October 2019
// You must add the file RenderPipelineHelper.cs to your project, linked below:
// 0) Add this script inside an "Editor" folder in your project.
// You must create this folder if it doesn't already exist.
// 1) Open Unity, then click on
// "Tools -> Mirror Mirai -> RealToon Helpers -> MToon to RealToon Shader Swapper" at the menu bar.
// 2) Drag and drop your model's Prefab/Game Object with MToon materials in the "Model Prefab" field.
// 3) You can optionally override the "Environmental Lighting Intensity" property from RealToon,
// by enabling the "Set Env Light Intensity" option and typing the override value in the field below.
// 4) Finally, click on the "Swap Shaders" button.
// In ALL of the model's materials that use MToon shader, the shader will be swapped to RealToon.
// Usage example:
// Check out more Unity scripts and utilities at:
using MirrorMirai.Helpers;
using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;
namespace MirrorMirai
public class MToonToRealToonShaderSwapper : ScriptableWizard
public GameObject modelPrefab;
[Tooltip("If enabled, swap \"MToon\" shader with \"RealToon Lite\" shader.")]
public bool useLiteShaders;
// Shader properties overrides
// If enabled, these overrides will be set in ALL of the prefab's materials!
[Tooltip("If enabled, can override \"Main Color\" property with the value below. " +
"This will be applied to materials with MToon's default color value (Color.white), " +
"and will not be applied to materials with custom colors.")]
public bool setMainColor;
[Tooltip("The value to override \"Main Color\" property.")]
public Color mainColorOverride = new Color(0.6886792f, 0.6886792f, 0.6886792f, 1);
"If enabled, can override \"Environmental Lighting Intensity\" property (from RealToon Default) with the value below.")]
public bool setEnvLightIntensity;
[Tooltip("The value to override \"Environmental Lighting Intensity\" property.")]
public float envLightIntensityOverride = 0.65f;
// MToon cached property indexes
private static readonly int BlendMode = Shader.PropertyToID("_BlendMode");
private static readonly int MToonMainColor = Shader.PropertyToID("_Color");
private static readonly int ShadeColor = Shader.PropertyToID("_ShadeColor");
private static readonly int BumpMap = Shader.PropertyToID("_BumpMap");
private static readonly int RimColor = Shader.PropertyToID("_RimColor");
private static readonly int EmissionMap = Shader.PropertyToID("_EmissionMap");
private static readonly int EmissionColor = Shader.PropertyToID("_EmissionColor");
// RealToon cached property indexes
private static readonly int MainColor = Shader.PropertyToID("_MainColor");
private static readonly int OverallShadowColor = Shader.PropertyToID("_OverallShadowColor");
private static readonly int NormalMap = Shader.PropertyToID("_NormalMap");
private static readonly int RimLightColor = Shader.PropertyToID("_RimLightColor");
private static readonly int EnableTextureTransparent = Shader.PropertyToID("_EnableTextureTransparent");
private static readonly int GlossTexture = Shader.PropertyToID("_GlossTexture");
private static readonly int GlossColor = Shader.PropertyToID("_GlossColor");
private static readonly int EnvironmentalLightingIntensity =
[MenuItem("Tools/Mirror Mirai/RealToon Helpers/MToon to RealToon Shader Swapper")]
static void CreateWizard()
DisplayWizard<MToonToRealToonShaderSwapper>("MToon to RealToon Shader Swapper", "Swap Shaders");
void OnWizardCreate()
var renderers = modelPrefab.GetComponentsInChildren<Renderer>();
var renderPipelinePath = "";
var currentRenderPipeline = RenderPipelineHelper.CheckRenderPipeline();
var shaderCategory =
currentRenderPipeline == RenderPipelines.BuiltIn && useLiteShaders ? "Lite" : "Default";
switch (currentRenderPipeline)
case RenderPipelines.BuiltIn:
renderPipelinePath = "";
case RenderPipelines.URP:
renderPipelinePath = "Universal Render Pipeline/";
case RenderPipelines.HDRP:
renderPipelinePath = "HDRP/";
var shadersPath = $"{renderPipelinePath}RealToon/Version 5/{shaderCategory}";
foreach (var renderer in renderers)
var sharedMaterials = renderer.sharedMaterials;
foreach (var mat in sharedMaterials)
if (mat.shader == Shader.Find("VRM/MToon"))
// Save MToon values
var textureMainColor = mat.GetColor(MToonMainColor);
var shadeColor = mat.GetColor(ShadeColor);
var normalMapTexture = mat.GetTexture(BumpMap);
var emissionMapTexture = mat.GetTexture(EmissionMap);
var emissionColor = mat.GetColor(EmissionColor);
var rimLightColor = mat.GetColor(RimColor);
// Swap the MToon shader to RealToon
if (currentRenderPipeline == RenderPipelines.HDRP)
mat.shader = Shader.Find(shadersPath);
// [MToon Rendering Types/BlendModes]
// Opaque = 0, Cutout = 1, Transparent = 2, TransparentWithZWrite = 3
var blendMode = (int) mat.GetFloat(BlendMode);
if (blendMode == 2 || blendMode == 3)
mat.shader = Shader.Find($"{shadersPath}/Fade Transparency");
mat.shader = Shader.Find($"{shadersPath}/Default");
if (blendMode == 1)
mat.SetFloat(EnableTextureTransparent, 1);
// Pass MToon values to RealToon shader
mat.SetColor(MainColor, textureMainColor);
mat.SetColor(OverallShadowColor, shadeColor);
mat.SetTexture(NormalMap, normalMapTexture);
mat.SetTexture(GlossTexture, emissionMapTexture);
mat.SetColor(GlossColor, emissionColor);
if (rimLightColor !=
mat.SetColor(RimLightColor, rimLightColor);
// Set property overrides if enabled
if (setMainColor && mat.GetColor(MainColor) == Color.white)
mat.SetColor(MainColor, mainColorOverride);
if (setEnvLightIntensity)
mat.SetFloat(EnvironmentalLightingIntensity, envLightIntensityOverride);
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kwea123 commented Nov 21, 2021

Build error because this uses UnityEditor, I needed to remove this script after using in order to build.

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andreiagmu commented Nov 21, 2021

Build error because this uses UnityEditor, I needed to remove this script after using in order to build.

Hi @kwea123, thanks for your comment.
I'm guessing you had forgotten to add this script to an "Editor" folder? I mean, place it inside a folder named "Editor" (without the quotes) in your project.
It's the first instruction I wrote on the [INSTRUCTIONS] section above the main class, to avoid this very issue (game not building because the main assembly contains an Editor script).

Also, this script is not really supported anymore (I don't use it in my projects right now), so errors could happen with newer versions of MToon, RealToon, Unity, URP, HDRP, etc.

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