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Golang multipart/form-data File Upload
package main
import (
func main() {
fileDir, _ := os.Getwd()
fileName := "upload-file.txt"
filePath := path.Join(fileDir, fileName)
file, _ := os.Open(filePath)
defer file.Close()
body := &bytes.Buffer{}
writer := multipart.NewWriter(body)
part, _ := writer.CreateFormFile("file", filepath.Base(file.Name()))
io.Copy(part, file)
r, _ := http.NewRequest("POST", "", body)
r.Header.Add("Content-Type", writer.FormDataContentType())
client := &http.Client{}
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Altiano commented May 14, 2020


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hhsm95 commented Jun 2, 2020

This example is the best. Thanks!

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jingyugao commented Sep 7, 2020

Will this code use sendfile to achieve zero copy?

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EvgTG commented Nov 3, 2020


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LIMHARRY commented Mar 4, 2021

Thank you soooooooooo much!!

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magarem commented May 15, 2021

thanks!! :)

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kabaluyot commented Jun 19, 2021


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irvanrahadhian commented Jul 30, 2021

Thank you

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yedamao commented Aug 6, 2021


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MingyiLiang commented Nov 2, 2021

Do you have any ideas how to send a zip file using multipart writer?

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AlfarisiN commented Mar 18, 2022

Thanks!! Much appreciated!

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foofybuster commented Apr 22, 2022

Thanks! it's working well.

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AnjanaMadu commented May 6, 2022


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lsdrfrx commented May 12, 2022

Thank you <3

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Jontes-Tech commented May 24, 2022


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devnote-dev commented May 27, 2022

Thanks 👍

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pablodz commented May 31, 2022

it works

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zhangpengspin commented May 31, 2022

it works

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Sujaybiradar25 commented Jun 8, 2022


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