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This is a Google Apps Script that creates a PDF file using a Google Doc template and the values in a Google Spreadsheet. More details can be found at
// dev:
// Replace this with ID of your template document.
var TEMPLATE_ID = ''
// var TEMPLATE_ID = '1wtGEp27HNEVwImeh2as7bRNw-tO4HkwPGcAsTrSNTPc' // Demo template
// Demo script -
// You can specify a name for the new PDF file here, or leave empty to use the
// name of the template.
var PDF_FILE_NAME = ''
* Eventhandler for spreadsheet opening - add a menu.
function onOpen() {
.createMenu('Create PDF')
.addItem('Create PDF', 'createPdf')
} // onOpen()
* Take the fields from the active row in the active sheet
* and, using a Google Doc template, create a PDF doc with these
* fields replacing the keys in the template. The keys are identified
* by having a % either side, e.g. %Name%.
* @return {Object} the completed PDF file
function createPdf() {
if (TEMPLATE_ID === '') {
SpreadsheetApp.getUi().alert('TEMPLATE_ID needs to be defined in')
// Set up the docs and the spreadsheet access
var copyFile = DriveApp.getFileById(TEMPLATE_ID).makeCopy(),
copyId = copyFile.getId(),
copyDoc = DocumentApp.openById(copyId),
copyBody = copyDoc.getActiveSection(),
activeSheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet(),
numberOfColumns = activeSheet.getLastColumn(),
activeRowIndex = activeSheet.getActiveRange().getRowIndex(),
activeRow = activeSheet.getRange(activeRowIndex, 1, 1, numberOfColumns).getValues(),
headerRow = activeSheet.getRange(1, 1, 1, numberOfColumns).getValues(),
columnIndex = 0
// Replace the keys with the spreadsheet values
for (;columnIndex < headerRow[0].length; columnIndex++) {
copyBody.replaceText('%' + headerRow[0][columnIndex] + '%',
// Create the PDF file, rename it if required and delete the doc copy
var newFile = DriveApp.createFile(copyFile.getAs('application/pdf'))
if (PDF_FILE_NAME !== '') {
SpreadsheetApp.getUi().alert('New PDF file created in the root of your Google Drive')
} // createPdf()

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EsmeW commented Aug 13, 2017

This doesn't seem to actually pick up the variables in the template.


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samhattangady commented Oct 30, 2017

Hey Andrew,
Thanks for this. It was very useful.

Just one point, the body.replaceText() function works on regex, and there were several ? chars on my form and they don't play nicely with regex.

I added another function

// Some of the string end in question marks, and this
// messes up the regex. So we perform some simple operations
// to make it regex safe
// Ex: 'How are you?' becomes 'How are you\?', which now gets
// caught by regex as expected.
function regexSafe(s) {
  return s.replace('\?', '\\\?')

Then replace the

copyBody.replaceText('%' + headerRow[0][columnIndex] + '%', 


copyBody.replaceText('%' + regexSafe(headerRow[0][columnIndex]) + '%', 

and it all works perfectly.

Thanks again.


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AlbertTCB commented Feb 5, 2018

Thanks for the adjusted script.
However, I noticed that in the created pdf several field values are wrongly formatted.

Example Spreadsheet:
in the spreadsheet there's a cell formatted as Financial (i.e. 34,50), a cell as date (i.e. 24-10-17) and as a day (i.e. Friday).

The created pdf has the values suddenly weirdly formatted:
34,50 became 34,5
2-2-18 became Fri Feb 02 2018 09:00:00 GMT+0100 (CET)
Friday became Fri Feb 02 2018 09:00:00 GMT+0100 (CET)

Any idea how to make sure the right cell formatting (like column.setNumberFormat("dddd");) is maintained when the value is copied to the pdf?


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dascata commented Sep 5, 2018

activeRow = activeSheet.getRange(activeRowIndex, 1, 1, numberOfColumns).getDisplayValues()

This fixed that issue for me


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Engineerumair commented Sep 8, 2018

I am not getting where to click and how to generate pdf can someone please show the step in image.


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lalitpatil3296 commented May 25, 2019

If i want to protect this pdf file by any password. What can i use for that?


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andrewroberts commented Dec 9, 2019

Hi Tamarissa,

Setting the file name

Where the headers are being processed, in the loop between 59 and 63:

if (headerRow[0][columnIndex] === 'ClientName') { var clientName = activeRow[0][columnIndex] }

And anywhere after activeSheet is defined:

var sheetName = activeSheet.getParent().getName()

Then to set the name replace 71 to 74 with

newFile.setName(sheetName + ' - ' + clientName)

Setting location

// Assuming there is only one folder called "Client Files" that you have access to
DriveApp.getFoldersByName("Client Files").next().addFile(newFile)

If you share your script with me ( I can check it over for you.

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