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# need to fix a corrupted repo because I have a local branch I need to recover
# first, backup the corrupted git repo
# get a fresh clone
$ git clone git://mydomain.local/awesomerepo.git; cd awesomerepo
$ mv .git/objects/pack/*.pack /tmp/.
$ git unpack-objects < /tmp/*.pack # unpack all the git objects.
# you need to move the pack file out of the
# git repo. See git-unpack-objects's man page:
# "Objects that already exist in the repository
# will not be unpacked from the pack-file. Therefore,
# nothing will be unpacked if you use this command
# on a pack-file that exists within the target
# repository."
# locate the corrupt object in the clean, cloned repo and copy it into the corrupt repo
$ cp -f .git/objects/cc/6df31dfbc5231441c4b815975d576420517d8a ../awesomerepo_corrupt/.git/objects/cc/.
# hat tip to frogonwheels and rohanpm on #git on for helping me out.
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