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Created Sep 3, 2014
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javier's notes on data munging yelp

How to process YELP data for Map visualization

Download the data

Take it from here:

Transforming the data from JSON to CSV string to be able to import it

Change quotes so that each JSON line inside the file gets imported as a row as a CSV

sed -i.bak "s/\"/\"\"/g" yelp_academic_dataset_business.json
sed -i.bak "s/\(.*\)/\"\1\"/" yelp_academic_dataset_business.json
awk 'BEGIN{print "data_json"}1' yelp_academic_dataset_business.json > yelp_bussiness.csv

Lets do the same with the checkins

sed -i.bak "s/\"/\"\"/g" yelp_academic_dataset_checkin.json
sed -i.bak "s/\(.*\)/\"\1\"/" yelp_academic_dataset_checkin.json

##Upload the yelp_bussiness.csv file to CartoDB You can do this manually just drag and drop

##Create a new table with the data parsed We are going to do a SQL query that reads the JSON and transforms it into multiple columns so CartoDB can use them easily. We will run this inside CartoDB already.

data_json::json->>'type' as type, 
data_json::json->>'business_id' as business_id, 
data_json::json->>'name' as name, 
data_json::json->>'full_address' as full_address, 
data_json::json->>'city' as city, 
data_json::json->>'state' as state, 
(data_json::json->>'longitude')::float as longitude_f, 
(data_json::json->>'latitude')::float as latitude_f,
(data_json::json->>'stars')::float as stars, 
(data_json::json->>'review_count')::integer as review_count, 
(data_json::json->>'open')::boolean as open,
(data_json::json->'attributes')::json as attributes
from yelp_bussiness

If all this works fine, now we create a table from this view. Click on Option and then "Table from Query". Give it a name such as yelp_businesses.

After that we can georeference the table clicking on Options and selecting the latitude and longitude columns.

Now we have a table with all the business already imported.

create table checkins AS SELECT '2014-07-06 00:00'::timestamp + ( ( (((string_to_array(json_data.key,'-'))[2]::integer)*24) + (string_to_array(json_data.key,'-'))[1]::integer) ||' hour')::interval as timecheckin, json_data.value::integer AS checkins, y.data_json::json->>'business_id' as business_id FROM yelp_checkin as y, json_each_text(y.data_json::json->'checkin_info') AS json_data

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