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Last active November 30, 2023 04:19
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Fix unix_listener too long for Unix domain socket
Host *
ControlPath ~/.ssh/control/%C
ControlMaster auto
  • Problem: unix listener too long for Unix domain socket

  • Solution: mkdir ~/.ssh/control and modify ~/.ssh/config use the %C format instead of %r@%h:%p

  • More Detail: man ssh_config defines the %C format as 'a hash of the concatenation: %l%h%p%r'

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This just helped me, thanks!

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Thanks a lot! SOLVED MY PROBLEM~

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Thank you.

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worked in first attempt. Thanks for providing this solution.

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really help! Thanks a lot :)

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Great, helped me solve the mystery.

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Works for me!!!! Thanks!

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Thanks! this helped.

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bdmorin commented Mar 3, 2021

perfect fix, thnx

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chx-hu commented Jun 24, 2022

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you!

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Worked for me! AWS host names are so long!

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