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# Anh Nguyen <>
# 2016-04-30
# MIT License
# This script takes in images from a folder and make a crossfade video from the images using ffmpeg.
# Make sure you have ffmpeg installed before running.
# The output command looks something like the below, but for as many images as you have in the folder.
# See the answer by LordNeckbeard at:
# ffmpeg \
# -loop 1 -t 1 -i 001.png \
# -loop 1 -t 1 -i 002.png \
# -loop 1 -t 1 -i 003.png \
# -loop 1 -t 1 -i 004.png \
# -loop 1 -t 1 -i 005.png \
# -filter_complex \
# "[1:v][0:v]blend=all_expr='A*(if(gte(T,0.5),1,T/0.5))+B*(1-(if(gte(T,0.5),1,T/0.5)))'[b1v]; \
# [2:v][1:v]blend=all_expr='A*(if(gte(T,0.5),1,T/0.5))+B*(1-(if(gte(T,0.5),1,T/0.5)))'[b2v]; \
# [3:v][2:v]blend=all_expr='A*(if(gte(T,0.5),1,T/0.5))+B*(1-(if(gte(T,0.5),1,T/0.5)))'[b3v]; \
# [4:v][3:v]blend=all_expr='A*(if(gte(T,0.5),1,T/0.5))+B*(1-(if(gte(T,0.5),1,T/0.5)))'[b4v]; \
# [0:v][b1v][1:v][b2v][2:v][b3v][3:v][b4v][4:v]concat=n=9:v=1:a=0,format=yuv420p[v]" -map "[v]" out.mp4
input_dir="/path/to/your/folder" # Replace this by a path to your folder /path/to/your/folder
n_files=10 # Replace this by a number of images
files=`ls ${input_dir}/*.jpg | head -${n_files}` # Change the file type to the correct type of your images
output_file="video.mp4" # Name of output video
crossfade=0.9 # Crossfade duration between two images
# Making an ffmpeg script...
for f in ${files}; do
input+=" -loop 1 -t 1 -i $f"
if [ "${i}" -ne "$((n_files-1))" ]; then
filters+=" [${next}:v][${i}:v]blend=all_expr='A*(if(gte(T,${crossfade}),1,T/${crossfade}))+B*(1-(if(gte(T,${crossfade}),1,T/${crossfade})))'[b${next}v];"
if [ "${i}" -gt "0" ]; then
output+="concat=n=$((i * 2 - 1)):v=1:a=0,format=yuv420p[v]\" -map \"[v]\" ${output_file}"
script="ffmpeg ${input} -filter_complex \"${filters} ${output}"
echo ${script}
# Run it
eval "${script}"
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DavidOliver commented Jul 9, 2016

Hi @anguyen8. Thanks for this script.

Between each crossfade there is a pause of a second or two where the image is shown. How can I remove this please? I'm trying to fade multiple eight-second exposures of polar lights into each other to improve the sense of slowish movement.

Edit: I'm now accomplishing what I need to do with G'MIC.

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jeffehobbs commented Aug 20, 2016

Great script! Really helps with those complicated ffmpeg filter config statements.

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anguyen8 commented Sep 21, 2016

@DavidOliver: probably you got your solution by now. But I'd say it's the crossfade of 0.9 that you can tweak.

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kosar commented Oct 1, 2016

@DavidOliver: I would appreciate if you could post how you did this in G'MIC. As far as I can tell it is not easy to do. I tried posting a question to their Google Group.
@anguyen8: I did something similar to this using Powershell -- I will try this now, using a *nix system.
EDIT: here is my super early super hacky version of this in Powershell.

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hasnhasan commented Jan 31, 2017

I'm getting an error. Could you help ?

Invalid file index 5 in filtergraph description [1:v][0:v]blend=all_expr='A*(if(gte(T,0.9),1,T/0.9))+B*(1-(if(gte(T,0.9),1,T/0.9)))'[b1v]; [2:v][1:v]blend=all_expr='A*(if(gte(T,0.9),1,T/0.9))+B*(1-(if(gte(T,0.9),1,T/0.9)))'[b2v]; [3:v][2:v]blend=all_expr='A*(if(gte(T,0.9),1,T/0.9))+B*(1-(if(gte(T,0.9),1,T/0.9)))'[b3v]; [4:v][3:v]blend=all_expr='A*(if(gte(T,0.9),1,T/0.9))+B*(1-(if(gte(T,0.9),1,T/0.9)))'[b4v]; [5:v][4:v]blend=all_expr='A*(if(gte(T,0.9),1,T/0.9))+B*(1-(if(gte(T,0.9),1,T/0.9)))'[b5v]; [0:v][b1v][1:v][b2v][2:v][b3v][3:v][b4v][4:v]concat=n=9:v=1:a=0,format=yuv420p[v].

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iBobik commented Mar 1, 2017

On line 46 I changed time to -t 15, so one image will be there shown for 15 seconds, but it prints very long output like this:

[Parsed_blend_5 @ 0x7fcdff606900] [framesync @ 0x7fcdff606ec8] Buffer queue overflow, dropping.
[Parsed_concat_8 @ 0x7fcdff609660] Buffer queue overflow, dropping.
[Parsed_blend_5 @ 0x7fcdff606900] [framesync @ 0x7fcdff606ec8] Buffer queue overflow, dropping.
[Parsed_concat_8 @ 0x7fcdff609660] Buffer queue overflow, dropping.
[Parsed_blend_5 @ 0x7fcdff606900] [framesync @ 0x7fcdff606ec8] Buffer queue overflow, dropping.
[Parsed_concat_8 @ 0x7fcdff609660] Buffer queue overflow, dropping.

Do you know how to fix it?

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MotionDesignStudio commented Apr 10, 2017

How can I control the display length of time for each image? Changing this input+=" -loop 1 -t 1 -i $f" to input+=" -loop 1 -t 15 -i $f" only makes the second image display 30 seconds and the third 45 seconds. So it adds 15 seconds to each image.

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KalpeshJadvani commented Apr 25, 2017

can you tell me how i can add mp3 file in this command ... plz i have done this script but i could not add mp3 file in this complex command ....

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ZuzooVn commented Jul 15, 2017

@anguyen8: can you add more animation for ffmpeg slideshow?

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spiralofhope commented Apr 20, 2018

The URL can be shortened:

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gcrowder1 commented Dec 7, 2018

Thank you friends, your script successfully solved my problem. If the image size is different, an error will occur. But the problem is not big, I have processed the image to the same size. Thanks again

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shakram02 commented Apr 24, 2019

Thank you so much, worked like a charm 🙏.
I converted it to python if anyone is interested, here

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Butateng commented Nov 12, 2019

Hey guys, I just wanna asked if this is feasible with ffmpeg.

I've been googling around finding on how to have smooth easing and effects on the video link above. I am really new to ffmpeg, please please yung help will be really meant a lot. Cheers!

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MrMegamind commented Apr 13, 2020

Guys thank you so much, can I attach bg voice or I have to attach later in an other command?

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