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Created June 5, 2020 22:06
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# rule 3 function
def rule3_mod(text):
doc = nlp(text)
sent = []
for token in doc:
if token.pos_=='ADP':
phrase = ''
if token.head.pos_=='NOUN':
# appended rule
append = rule0(text, token.head.i)
if len(append)!=0:
phrase += append
phrase += token.head.text
phrase += ' '+token.text
for right_tok in token.rights:
if (right_tok.pos_ in ['NOUN','PROPN']):
right_phrase = ''
# appended rule
append = rule0(text, right_tok.i)
if len(append)!=0:
right_phrase += ' '+append
right_phrase += ' '+right_tok.text
phrase += right_phrase
if len(phrase)>2:
return sent
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