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Team Wonder Squad - OpenAir Competition (Website Redesign & Development for Fashionable Adoptions)


  • Add comments so that others can read your code more easily

  • Be sure to commit your change every now and then so that others can track changes/debug more easily

    How to commit your change

    • Add the file(s) you have modified to the staging area using:

      $ git add . $ git add <filename>

    • Commit and write what changes you have made in the commit message using:

      $ git commit -m "<YOUR NAME>: <TASK>" e.g. commit -m "Anndo: Add css code to style the buttons"

  • Make a new branch to work on each of your tasks, and then push it to GitHub and create a pull request once you have it done. The purpose of using branches is to avoid messing up with the master branch.

    How to use branch to collaborate

    • Update your master branch using:

      $ git pull origin master

    • Create a new branch using:

      $ git branch <TASK NAME> e.g. git branch anndo-homepage-responsiveness

    • Switch to the branch you just created using:

      $ git checkout <BRANCH NAME> e.g. git checkout anndo-homepage-responsiveness

    • After you complete the task, switch to your master branch using:

      $ git checkout master

    • Push your branch using:

      $ git push origin <BRANCH NAME>

    • Go to GitHub and create a pull request. Wait for the tech lead to review and merge the branch to master.

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