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Created Aug 7, 2013
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zip URLs


There's an idea floating around of introducing a zip URL for resources. The general structure would be:


Lack of ! is a parsing failure.

The zip URL works by (URL) parsing everything between zip: and ! against a base URL (if any).



Issues with base URL

Where I run into problems is identifying the URL of the resource. Say you have the following on

<iframe src=zip:/!e.html>

What will <iframe>.contentWindow.location return? If e.html contains a relative URL, where should that resolve to? What if it's a path-absolute URL?

Issues with origin

Even for simple cases such as <img src=zip:/i!pony.gif> we'd need to define the origin in a special cased manner.

Issues with URL API

The way URLs are supported today zip URLs would end up like a data URL and not have useful properties in the URL API.

Potential solutions

We could offer generalized support for URL schemes that support other URLs inside of them. E.g. view-source seems to also require this. However that would be an even more fundamental change to the overall URL landscape.

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