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Created May 7, 2011
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GitHub will switch to English-only on Friday, May 20, 2011.

Hello friends,

As you may know, we haven't done a great job making GitHub work for non-English speakers. Large parts of the site are not internationalized, including our support and help documentation, and this problem is not improving.

Making GitHub awesome in non-English languages is a big project and one we're honestly not equipped to take on right now. So on Friday May 20, 2011 we will disable our international support and switch GitHub to English-only.

Thanks for understanding. We are majorly focused on making GitHub a fast, reliable, and fantastic tool in your development arsenal.

The GitHub Team

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dolmen commented May 7, 2011

I understand that the inconsistent translations for example, not everything is translated in french) was a bad point when trying to sell your products to international companies.
But as a open source developer with a free personal account I appreciated the effort done and will miss it.

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dolmen commented May 7, 2011

The description of this gist says "May 16" while the content says "May 20"...

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defunkt commented May 7, 2011

Description updated, thanks!

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mtakemiya commented May 7, 2011

I will miss the Japanese;;

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SeTM commented May 7, 2011

bad bad =(

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hiromi2424 commented May 7, 2011

Translations at very few parts really helped big number of people at least until now.
I wish GitHub will start new i18n project after improving features..

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dekosuke commented May 7, 2011


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majioa commented May 7, 2011

Pls, leave it as is

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kurko commented May 7, 2011

I suggest you to mantain it as is and provide a simple way for us, users, to help translate.

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ghost commented Apr 16, 2013

Simple and fast is the truth

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zhangyifa commented Oct 17, 2013

hope be strong

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think2011 commented Feb 3, 2016


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