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class JobSchedule
# External interface for calling the service
def, opts={})
if perform_asynchronously?
Delayed::Job.enqueue(, object_id, opts))
perform(object_id, opts)
puts "What is the amount due?"
total = gets.chomp.to_f
puts "What is the amount tendered?"
paid = gets.chomp.to_f
if paid < total
puts "WARNING: Customer still owes $#{format("%.2f", total-paid)}"
elsif paid > total
Namespace = ( ->
merge = (target, source) ->
for key, val of source
target[key] = val
_assertValidFQN = (fqn) ->
unless ///^[a-z0-9_.]+///.test fqn then throw 'invalid namespace'
class Procedure
<!-- -->
<script language="vbscript">
Function BinaryArrayToAscCSV( aBytes )
Dim j, sOutput
sOutput = "BinaryArrayToAscCSV"
For j = 1 to LenB(aBytes)
sOutput= sOutput & AscB( MidB(aBytes,j,1) )
We're sorry, but we could not retrieve that file for display.
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Usage: gitio URL [CODE]
# Turns a URL
# into a URL
# Copies the URL to your clipboard.
url = ARGV[0]
code = ARGV[1]
$('.content a').each(function() {
if (/\.(gif|jpe?g|png)/i.test($(this).text()))
$(this).html('<img src="'+$(this).text()+'"/>"')
}, 1000)
window.location = ''
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