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Zetta Status Feed Examples (Python)
I've had to patch the PySimpleSoap '' file
Here's the replacement version of datetime_u(s)
In the original file, this function starts on line 417
This change strips any trailing "Z" character in timestamps
# Functions to serialize/deserialize special immutable types:
def datetime_u(s):
fmt = "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S"
return _strptime(s, fmt)
except ValueError:
# strip trailing z - Anthony Eden Patch
if s[-1] == "Z":
warnings.warn('removing unsupported trailing Z', RuntimeWarning)
s = s[:-1]
# strip utc offset
if s[-3] == ":" and s[-6] in (' ', '-', '+'):
warnings.warn('removing unsupported UTC offset', RuntimeWarning)
s = s[:-6]
# parse microseconds
return _strptime(s, fmt + ".%f")
return _strptime(s, fmt)
except ValueError:
# strip microseconds (not supported in this platform)
if "." in s:
warnings.warn('removing unsuppported microseconds', RuntimeWarning)
s = s[:s.index(".")]
return _strptime(s, fmt)
Zetta Status Feed - Example Code
Written by Anthony Eden (
# We need the PySimpleSoap library (
# Make sure you see my change to PySimpleSoap in the file ""
from pysimplesoap.client import SoapClient
# Connect to the Status Feed - make sure you put in the correct IP address
client = SoapClient(
wsdl = "",
trace = True
# Get a list of stations
stations = client.GetStations()['GetStationsResult']
# Print the list of stations
print stations
# Print out all the metadata for each station
for station in stations:
stationId = station['Station']['ID']
print "STATION ID", stationId
print client.GetStationFull(stationId)['GetStationFullResult']['Metadata']

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SsgtS7ARK commented Sep 7, 2018

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for this.

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