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Created February 23, 2018 09:04
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TripMode TCP out of order bytes reproducing steps

Generate a payload.txt file using this Ruby script:

(1..1000000).each{|i| print "#{i} "}

The file will trivially contain "1 2 3 4 5 ..." so that out of order violations are trivial to spot.

  1. In one terminal open netcat in listen mode: nc -l 6379
  2. In another terminal execute netcat like this: cat payload.txt | nc 6379
  3. In the first terminal you should see like 20796 20797 20798 20799 20800... instead of 1 2 3 ...
  4. Does not happen always, so kill the netcat instances, and GOTO 10 to retry until it happens.

Note: my OSX is not the latest patchlevel, I run 10.13.1

Thanks for TM, it kinda saved my latest weeks of work because at the new office I've no cable connection yet.

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