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Hello and thanks for reading,

I've a Redis pull request that no longer applies because, for example, one line where there was a < b is now a > b, otherwise the patch would apply cleanly.

if I try to cherry pick the commit and resolve the conflicts, it works, it's just a lot of useless work editing the conflicting code to merge properly and there is even the risk of making mistakes.

An alternative is to:

  1. Modify back the source code to a < b with a commit called FOO.
View fuzzer.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <string.h>
#define C_OK 1
#define C_ERR 0
typedef struct clusterNode {
View ae.patch
diff --git a/src/ae.c b/src/ae.c
index 63a1ab4..79fcde6 100644
--- a/src/ae.c
+++ b/src/ae.c
@@ -221,21 +221,12 @@ long long aeCreateTimeEvent(aeEventLoop *eventLoop, long long milliseconds,
int aeDeleteTimeEvent(aeEventLoop *eventLoop, long long id)
- aeTimeEvent *te, *prev = NULL;
View gist:3cf6d701795f179e1a5b
11822:M 16 Dec 09:20:15.613 # --- STACK TRACE
./redis-server *:6379(debugCommand+0x278)[0x459228]
./redis-server *:6379(logStackTrace+0x35)[0x459ce5]
./redis-server *:6379(sigsegvHandler+0xac)[0x45a25c]
./redis-server *:6379(debugCommand+0x278)[0x459228]
./redis-server *:6379(call+0x85)[0x421e15]
./redis-server *:6379(processCommand+0x39f)[0x424f9f]
./redis-server *:6379(processInputBuffer+0x97)[0x431927]
./redis-server *:6379(aeProcessEvents+0x250)[0x41c2f0]
View QSTAT.txt
1) "name"
2) "foo"
3) "len"
4) (integer) 0
5) "age"
6) (integer) 95
7) "idle"
8) (integer) 1
9) "blocked"

Dear white hat attackers,

recently we observed a number of Redis instances that were targeted by a simple attack, consisting in setting a password using the CONFIG SET requirepass <password> command to instances which are left open on the internet.

This is, in my opinion, a good idea, since those Redis instances are going to be cracked anyway. I believe you are doing this in order to make Redis users aware they forgot to setup firewalling rules in order to make their instances not reachable from the outside.

View IDs.txt
1) D-dcb833cf-8YL1NT17e9+wsA/09NqxscQI-05a1A$
2) D-dcb833cf-RhKQ0BUwMGdystmSEqu+/t9R-05a0A$
3) D-dcb833cf-u2k9/Rjd3ZLh4TbUFCAf367+-05a0A$
4) D-dcb833cf-axzAwPMGBuogYEg6Omgrq090-05a1A$
5) D-dcb833cf-BAe19SOtreohIX2Dw+oCwpyF-05a1A$
6) D-dcb833cf-nHddnVDYmKccnIvkZH/2dr7S-05a0A$
7) D-dcb833cf-kojYmJHjI9z+/nhqqpZp6WHK-05a0A$
8) D-dcb833cf-UulLy4HQ0BjNTeHZWdwqqgC+-05a0A$
9) D-dcb833cf-5BLNjZ55uT2raxvFBd9ERHoV-05a0A$
10) D-dcb833cf-zsYLCz72dkSy8nahYat0tBmZ-05a0A$
View gist:e0536fb1dde09dd625fd
FROM: DI0f0c644fd3ccb51c2cedbd47fcb6f312646c993c05a0SQ
Proposal 1: DI0f0c644f:d3ccb51c2cedbd47fcb6f312646c993c:05a0SQ (two ":" added)
Proposal 2: DId3ccb51c2cedbd47fcb6f312646c993c0f0c644f05a0SQ (Node and Message ID inverted)
Proposal 3: D[d3ccb51c2cedbd47fcb6f312646c993c]0f0c644f05a0Q (D and Q only for validity check, [] around Message ID)
View brusts.diff
diff --git a/src/redis-cli.c b/src/redis-cli.c
index be37a91..82b8e04 100644
--- a/src/redis-cli.c
+++ b/src/redis-cli.c
@@ -1263,8 +1263,9 @@ static int evalMode(int argc, char **argv) {
* Latency and latency history modes
*--------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
-#define LATENCY_SAMPLE_RATE 10 /* milliseconds. */
+#define LATENCY_SAMPLE_RATE 1 /* milliseconds. */
View crash.txt
Anonymous UUID: C34F1B4B-6A79-41F1-2DAB-DFAB6AD0208C
Fri Nov 27 16:31:05 2015
*** Panic Report ***
panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff8018e1d81c): assertion failed: inp->inp_state != INPCB_STATE_DEAD, file: /Library/Caches/, line: 2098
Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address
0xffffff81226535e0 : 0xffffff8018ae5357
0xffffff8122653660 : 0xffffff8018e1d81c
0xffffff81226536c0 : 0xffffff8018e454cf
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