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Last active Nov 20, 2018
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Consumer groups final API
  • XGROUP CREATE <key> <groupname> <id or $>
  • XGROUP SETID <key> <id or $>
  • XGROUP DELGROUP <key> <groupname>
  • XGROUP DELCONSUMER <key> <consumername>
  • XPENDING <key> [<start> <stop>]
  • XCLAIM <key> <group-name> <consumer-name> <min-idle-time> <ID-1> <ID-2> ...
  • XACK <key> <ID-1> <ID-2> ...
  • XREAD-GROUP (wrapper for XREAD that accepts GROUP and CONSUMER options)
  • XINFO <key> [CONSUMERS <groupname>|GROUPS|STREAM|...]. STREAM is the default
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