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Last active December 16, 2023 19:56
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$term = $_GET['term'];
$r = new Redis("","6379");
$items = $r->zrangebylex("kernel","[$term","[$term\xff",Array("LIMIT","0","10"));
$t = Array();
$id = 0;
foreach($items as $item) {
$t[] = Array("id" => $id++, "label" => $item);
$json = new Services_JSON();
$output = $json->encode($t);
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JohnH- commented Jun 30, 2014

I wrote something for nodejs if anyone is interested. It uses the same jquery UI autocomplete widget as but it executes a function as the source value.

edit: oh and btw I'm a novice so idk how good this code is, but it works.

On the server it uses and the [redis]( /redis) npm module.


var redis    = require('redis');
var client   = redis.createClient();
var io       = require('')(8000);

io.on('connection', function(socket) {                                 

  socket.on('keypress', function(data, fn) {
    //DBKEY is the key to the values you want     
    client.zrangebylex(['DBKEY', '[' + data, '[' + data + 'z'],
      function (err, response) {                                       
        if (err) throw err;                                            



//set this function to be called as the `source` in the jquery autocomplete widget
function sourceFunc(request, response) {             
  socket.emit('keypress', request.term, function(data) {

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could you share the source of redis.php?
every redis-php library i find, dont support "zrangebylex"

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ghost commented Jul 14, 2014

Warning: fsockopen() [For instance many configuration options can be modified without any kind of restart using the function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection refused) in /var/virtual/ on line 29

Fatal error: Cannot open socket to, error 111. in /var/virtual/ on line 37

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I am unsure how this works as I cannot find support for zrangebylex with PHP anywhere.

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Seems like demo script doesn't work for several years :-(

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al-ramadhan commented Jun 16, 2016

You can use predis library and call ZSetRangeByLex

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By any chance has anyone an example project on how to store the data, index it and the UI for autocomplete?

Thank you in advance.


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