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Last active July 15, 2022 12:26
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Redis 4.2 roadmap

  1. Redis Cluster
  • Speed up key -> hashslot association. Now makes RBB loading 4x slower when there are many small keys.
  • Better multi data center story
  • redis-trib C coded and moved into redis-cli
  • Backup / Restore of Cluster
  • Non blocking MIGRATE (also consider not using 2X memory)
  • Faster resharding
  • Bug fixing and stress testing to bring it to next level of maturity
  • Potentially a cache-only mode, slaveless, masters automatically reassign slots after failures
  1. Streams data structure
  2. Redis Modules improvements:
  • Thread-safe contexts
  • Thread-safe key locking
  • Cluster API and reimplementation of Disque as a Redis module
  1. Listpacks replacing ziplists
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Great to see disque in the list . Awesome :)

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This is AWESOME! Looking forward to this next version.

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tevino commented Feb 9, 2017


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So awesome!

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super news. what is the tentative date ? 4.2 is in beta.
Interested to see this feature - Non blocking MIGRATE (also consider not using 2X memory).
Particularly to do away the need of 2X memory

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Hi, I've designed & implemented an asynchronous data migration on Codis (based on Redis 3.2.8), nearly 7x times faster than the synced implementation.

Here's the post on reddit.

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cool to see Disque on the list 👍

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disque is cool !

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Cannot come soon enough!

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Finally redis-trib directly into redis-cli, better cluster automation & disque "official" release!!!

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I cannot wait to use the "slaveless" mode. That will make redis operations a lot easier.
Truly exciting!

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loint commented Dec 18, 2017

Great to see that goal. Looking forward to see Redis as a message broker !!!

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ahachem commented Jan 5, 2018

Hi Salvatore,

As you might know, we are heavy users of Redis at Pandora and have our own tooling / sharding / etc... around it. We're very interested in 4.2 especially for the multi-dc story and will possibly migrate everything to Redis Cluster on that version. I have a couple questions to help us in our planning for this year:

  1. Is there a tentative date or maybe a very rough one for a Redis 4.2 release?
  2. Do you have any more details at this point about what the Multi-DataCenter support will be? Would we be able to easily run a read-only copy of the entire Redis Cluster in another data center (with a unidirectional replication), or is it going to be a live-live (master-master) setup?


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