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Thank you for extending an invitation to speak at HighLoad++. I
sincerely appreciate your consideration.
I am an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ equality; this position is deeply
woven into my work. Clojure From The Ground Up is adamantly
LGBT-inclusive. Jepsen is named after a gay pop anthem and includes
dozens of references to same-sex relationships and trans identities. My
talk slides are populated with bearded nuns, genderqueer punks, and
trans hackers. My twitter feed is about as gay as it is possible to get.
It would be impossible, and perhaps unethical, for me to cover.
I have almost certainly broken Russian law with respect to
"homosexual propaganda" and "promoting nontraditional sexual relations
to minors". More generally,
documents endemic harassment and violence against LGBTQ people in
Russia. More specifically, some of my Russian followers call me "faggot"
and "fucking bitch", and I don't particularly feel the need to give them
an opportunity for violence.
In short, I am not confident in my safety in Russia nor in HighLoad++'s
support. At this time I must respectfully decline.

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@AlphaHot AlphaHot commented May 17, 2020

Please conduct an live stream for HighLoad++

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