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Last active Dec 12, 2015
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SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. — "Salesforce brings Santa's list to the cloud" (CRM) today announced a joint venture with the Coca Cola Corporation (KO), the owners of Santa's life spirit, called CEO and co-founder Marc Benioff spoke at a press event held in Rejkavik, "We're extremely excited to work with a true leader in building customer relationships – Santa Klaüs and the North Pole Division at Coke."

"DemandForce will change the way Santa runs his workshop," said Sqent Forest, Executive Director of Elf Operations at Coke's North Pole Division. "Until, we've relied on legacy IT systems from as far back at 1800 to manage the world's largest distributed gift registry"

Forest noted that North Pole has thousands of gift service representatives, responsible for opening each letter received by the Coke subsidiary, and said that " will literally change the game in social holiday Santa gift requests… we're ready to be reborn cloud."

"Ho ho – there's not a single aspect of our operation that Coke doesn't audit each year, and will allow our elvish auditors to focus on combating actual fraud, not generating reports," waid North Pole CEO Santa Klaüs

"Coke is committed to building progressive businesses in all of our product verticals, from holidays to sugar water. Going Social and Cloud is an obviously powerful move that will help us keep up not only with our gift records, but also our extensive Naughty/Nice programs. With millions of new opportunities being born each year, and more and more people embracing our holiday, will prepare use for another 200 years of Christmastime cheer."

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but executives told KIRL that this represents the company's largest single deal in the Arctic circle, and their second joint venture with a fictional entity.

contributed by Ashwin Barls KIRL 42 San Francisco

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