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Actions specified inside the {{render}} helper appear not to reach their specified controller.
{{#render "header"}}
<header class="header-main">
* Dropping the debugger here has this.controller properly
set (<Ab.HeaderController:emberXXX>).
* this.view is null, although render.js#L57 correctly finds the object named 'view:header'
* Calling this.controller.toggleMode() from the debugger works as expected.
<nav class="nav-main">
<button {{action toggleMode}}>Grid Mode</button>
# This controller doesn't manage a model.
Ab.HeaderController = Ember.Controller.extend
needs: ['currentUser']
toggleMode: ->
@get('controllers.currentUser').toggleProperty 'usesCompactLayout'
# For debugging purposes, I wanted to see if I could direct the action to the view,
# and then forward it, but this `toggleMode` is also not reached by the action helper.
Ab.HeaderView = Ember.View.extend()
# toggleMode: -> @get('controller').send('toggleMode', arguments...)
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arbales commented May 9, 2013

Nevermind I guess?

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