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Created February 18, 2018 11:13
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My personal tmux cheat sheet for working with sessions, windows, and panes. `NB` I have remapped the command prefix to `ctrl` + `a`.


New Session

  • tmux new [-s name] [cmd] (:new) - new session

Switch Session

  • tmux ls (:ls) - list sessions
  • tmux switch [-t name] (:switch) - switches to an existing session
  • tmux as [id] [-t name] (:attach) - attaches to an existing session
  • <C-a>c (:detach) - detach the currently attached session

Session Management

  • <C-a>s - list sessions
  • <C-a>$ - name session

Close Session

  • tmux kill-session [-t name] (:kill-session)


New Window

  • <C-a>c (:neww [-n name] [cmd]) - new window

Cursor Movement

  • <C-a>[i] (:selectw -t [i]) - go to window [i]
  • <C-a>l - go to last window
  • <C-a>p - go to previous window
  • <C-a>n - go to next window

Window Management

  • <C-a>T - rename window
  • <C-a>, - rename window
  • <C-a>w - list all windows
  • <C-a>f - find window by name
  • <C-a>. - move window to another session (promt)
  • :movew - move window to next unused number

Close Window

  • <C-a>& (:kill-window) - kill window


New Pane

  • (%) <C-a>| (:splitw [-v] [-p width] [-t focus] [cmd]) - split current pane vertically
  • (") <C-a>s (:splitw -h [-p width] [-t focus] [cmd]) - split current pane horizontally

Cursor Movement

  • (o) <C-a><Tab> (:selectp -t :.+) - move cursor to the next pane
  • <C-a><Up> (:selectp -U) - move cursor to the pane above
  • <C-a><Down> (:selectp -D) - move cursor to the pane below
  • <C-a><Left> (:selectp -L) - move cursor to the pane to the left
  • <C-a><Right> (:selectp -R) - move cursor to the pane to the right
  • :selectp [i] - move cursor to the pane [i]

Panes Management

  • (:swap-pane -U) - move current pane up
  • (:swap-pane -D) - move current pane down
  • <C-a>{ (:swap-pane -L) - move current pane to the left
  • <C-a>} (:swap-pane -R) - move current pane to the right
  • <C-a>q - show pane numbers (type number to move cursor)
  • <C-a><Space> - toggle pane arrangements

Resize Pane

  • :resize-pane -U [i] - move horizontal divider up by [i] lines
  • :resize-pane -D [i] - move horizontal divider down by [i] lines
  • :resize-pane -L [i] - move vertical divider left by [i] columns
  • :resize-pane -R [i] - move vertical divider right by [i] columns

resize-pane [-DLRUZ] [-x width] [-y height] [-t target-pane] [adjustment]

Close Pane

  • <C-a>x (:kill-pane) - kill current pane


  • <C-a>t - show time
  • <C-a>r - reload config


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