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tmux cheatsheet

tmux cheatsheet

As configured in my dotfiles.

start new:


start new with session name:

tmux new -s myname


tmux a  #  (or at, or attach)

attach to named:

tmux a -t myname

list sessions:

tmux ls

kill session:

tmux kill-session -t myname

In tmux, hit the prefix ctrl+b and then:


:new<CR>  new session
s  list sessions
$  name session

Windows (tabs)

c           new window
,           name window
w           list windows
f           find window
&           kill window
.           move window - prompted for a new number
:movew<CR>  move window to the next unused number

Panes (splits)

%  horizontal split
"  vertical split

o  swap panes
q  show pane numbers
x  kill pane
⍽  space - toggle between layouts

Window/pane surgery

:joinp -s :2<CR>  move window 2 into a new pane in the current window
:joinp -t :1<CR>  move the current pane into a new pane in window 1


d  detach
t  big clock
?  list shortcuts
:  prompt



  • You can cmd+click URLs to open in iTerm.


  • Conf copy mode to use system clipboard. See PragProg book.

dideler commented Aug 1, 2013

This is either a fork of this gist or vice versa, but it's not obvious because it was duplicated instead of forked. So which is the original?

Please add HOWTO Delete a session:

tmux kill-session -t <session_name>

This is clean and handy. Thanks!

link "cheat sheet" ( is dead.

Are the horizontal and vertical split commands the right way round?

NB: Just tried to fork and submit a pull request... didn't realise you cannot do it through for gists.

what does that <CR> means??

fredrik commented Feb 3, 2014

@klebervirgilio: Carriage Return

dikaio commented Mar 27, 2014

Love this, thank you.

Is there any way to start a command within a tmux session when you start the tmux session? Something like

tmux new -s celery -e "python celery worker"

I found this to be a very useful one as well:

tmux switch -t session_name

any one know how I can modify my windows to display the name (in tmux.conf). Here's my current window settings:

set -g window-status-format "#[fg=colour235,bg=colour252,bold] #I #W "
53 set -g window-status-current-format "#[fg=colour234,bg=colour39]⮀#[fg=black,bg=colour39,noreverse,bold] #I: #W #[fg=colour39,bg=colour234,nobold]⮀"

I'd like to replace #W with the actual name of the window.

Splits about horizontal and vertical panes are inversed.

"  horizontal split
%  vertical split

Resource page not available anymore:

Hi there, sometimes it won't let me exit via Ctrl + B + D, how to fix this?

Btw, is there any way to resize the panes?

The resource page is still available at "" just remove the forward slash at the end of the link.

In Linux, to resize panes (for example) separated by a horizontal split, you can hold down ctrl-b while pressing the up/down arrow keys.

a2xchip commented Jan 2, 2015

To scroll page: Press Ctrl+B and then page up/page down

wow, this is exactly what I'm looking for, thanks!

kibromGB commented Aug 1, 2015

So helpful. Thank you.

Is there a way to kill all windows in tmux?
In screen this was:
but in tmux I find only to kill one single window, not all.

Easy enough:
tmux kill-server
will kill all tmux windows and sessions, good enough for my purpose.

tnx it was usefull

thagoat commented Mar 30, 2016

Most handy

DaveDBA commented Apr 13, 2016

I loved this, now I have created all my sessions with name and keeps every task tidy and organized.

tunamin commented Aug 10, 2016

thanks it was usefull

Thanks it is clear and useful

Thanks it is useful and handy : )

sjose1x commented Oct 6, 2016

Is it possible to clone session..?

karoitay commented Nov 8, 2016

Suggestion: update kill session

In tmux, hit the prefix ctrl+b and then:


In tmux, hit the prefix ctrl+b and then :

akinjide commented Jan 5, 2017

Currently windows list shows hostname and path but Any ideas on how to add status like current command executing, cwd, or other fun stuffs?

tony commented Feb 15, 2017

To those looking to learn more about tmux, I released an ebook freely available online called The Tao of tmux. I'm excited to spread the word about it because I think the way I break tmux down into its objects (sessions, windows, panes) is a good approach to explaining it. I also go into advanced things like tmux' aliases, targets and formats. Feel free to give it a look! Tony

sahilsd commented Apr 21, 2017

In the status bar showing current active tmux sessions, can we show $PWD there instead of the process names?

dumb question but is there any way to get a list of these commands from within tmux (for quick lookup in the future so don't have to open web browser etc)? looking at 'help' within tmux but cannot find what i'm looking for.

Thanks in advance.

wainweb commented Jun 16, 2017

@GlitchModulus, hit the prefix ctrl+b then ?

masious commented Aug 3, 2017

In the dotfiles of @henrik copy mode is set to work like the way it works in the vi. After C-b then v I can't start selecting my text. Does anyone have some similar problem?

bzd111 commented Oct 29, 2017


Very handy, Thanks for this

Really appreciate the detailed explanation

Is there a way to reactivate the sessions in gdb dashboard especially when debugging?

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