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Example JOSS metadata
# Complete worked example here:
title: 'Gala: A Python package for galactic dynamics'
- Python
- astronomy
- dynamics
- galactic dynamics
- milky way
- name: Adrian M. Price-Whelan
orcid: 0000-0003-0872-7098
affiliation: "1, 2" # (Multiple affiliations must be quoted)
- name: Author Without ORCID
affiliation: 2
- name: Lyman Spitzer, Jr. Fellow, Princeton University
index: 1
- name: Institution 2
index: 2 # Indexed so that they can be referenced multiple times by the same author.
date: 13 August 2017 # We don't actually use this in the JOSS publication pipeline :-)
bibliography: paper.bib
# Optional fields if submitting to a AAS journal too, see this blog post:
# Ideally I would like this to be more generalized into some kind of 'related works' field
aas-doi: 10.3847/xxxxx <- update this with the DOI from AAS once you know it.
aas-journal: Astrophysical Journal <- The name of the AAS journal.
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