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const crazy = new Genius();

Arthur Ginzburg artginzburg

const crazy = new Genius();
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artginzburg /
Last active December 13, 2023 10:38
Sites I use for web-dev
artginzburg /
Last active January 2, 2023 03:14
Bash ruleset with real-world examples

Note: I'll add my opinion to individual rules once I experience enough of the issue related to it.

  1. Full paths to binaries.

    Some systems do not have default aliases for some of the CLIs installed (or that may be installed by the user). So it is quite often required to specify the absolute binary path.


-sudo sed -n '3,5p' textfile.txt

artginzburg /
Last active April 17, 2022 00:48
Something is already running on port 6969


Have you ever encountered something like Error: listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use :::3000 when your app is starting?

After which you have to change the port or shutdown whatever is running on the already used one...


npm i react-dev-utils
artginzburg / firefoxDragEventPatch.js
Last active April 5, 2022 21:06
A drop-in patch for Firefox "dragend" and other DragEvent events.
/* eslint-disable func-names, no-underscore-dangle, no-useless-escape, no-mixed-operators */
* A drop-in patch for Firefox "dragend" and other {@link DragEvent} events.
* @author Codesmith <>
* @see {@link Bugzilla: Bug #505521}
* @version 0.1.0
* @link
* @example React.useEffect(firefoxDragEventPatch, []);

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am artginzburg on github.
  • I am aginzburg ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASCHV0i_4u0FsLB1mPJCAKXf1HBj4NAaViD9JY8mYpe6FAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

artginzburg /
Created December 6, 2021 19:25
storing these links here to write a flexible self-documenting SCSS solution on Codepen later
artginzburg /
Created October 3, 2021 15:26
HTTPS with Express.js
openssl req -nodes -new -x509 -keyout server.key -out server.cert
artginzburg / quine.js
Last active September 23, 2021 19:26
Legal JS quine — no `console.log`, `eval` or reading source code • Test with `$ node test` or just paste into your browser console
artginzburg /
Last active October 26, 2022 12:12
 The solution to "Do you want to the application to accept incoming network connections" on every launch

For macOS to stop showing the puppeteer firewall popup

  1. Get to the root of your npm project directory (cd <repo>)

  2. Paste the following command in your shell:

sudo codesign --force --deep --sign - ./node_modules/puppeteer/.local-chromium/
artginzburg / toClassNames.js
Last active July 27, 2021 08:50
Perfectly valid React className from an Array · without falsy values
export const toClassNames = (arr) => arr.filter(Boolean).join(' ');
export const classNames = (arr) => ({ className: toClassNames(arr) });