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Created November 12, 2013 13:06
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ng-really? An AngularJS directive that creates a confirmation dialog for an action.
* A generic confirmation for risky actions.
* Usage: Add attributes: ng-really-message="Are you sure"? ng-really-click="takeAction()" function
angular.module('app').directive('ngReallyClick', [function() {
return {
restrict: 'A',
link: function(scope, element, attrs) {
element.bind('click', function() {
var message = attrs.ngReallyMessage;
if (message && confirm(message)) {
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@asafge -> Yes, this is a possible solution. But question is: Is it a memory leak, or not ?

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Thank you!

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sampov2 commented May 2, 2014

@dhlavaty it's more like a logic leak. If something removes this attribute (which is rare though), this handler will still be there, and clicking the element will trigger the functionality. If this element is removed from the DOM, the click handler is cleaned up and as such, it would be cleaned up properly. I haven't seen directives or other angular code which dynamically fiddles with the existence of attributes. Taking this into consideration, this directive can be considered safe.

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dhlavaty commented May 5, 2014

In my case, I use ng-really for a delete action. I have a table with records, and each record has (in last column) a DELETE button with ng-really. When user confirms deletion, particular record is deleted from collection and Angular will "repaint" the table (a.k.a. removes the whole table row with record). And now I'm not really sure, if Angular will safely remove 'click' handler itself or not.

PS: Of course, using '$destroy' event as described above is a good practice, but I'm still wondering if I understand it correctly.

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gamikun commented Jul 8, 2014

Thanks :D

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Awesome thank you!

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so easy & so awesome! thank you so much!

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javiros commented Oct 24, 2014

+1 Thank you!

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arkka commented Dec 3, 2014

Thanks. Very straight forward and useful.

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it's really helpful!

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Clean and simple. Thanks.

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This is great and easy to use. Thanks!

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Looks good but, i dont know why but my confirm action is called twice (so http ajax) loading the page for two times... is there any reason ?
(script included only once)
áááááh the directive was included for twice time ..sorry ! ;)

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OKNoah commented Mar 25, 2015

Is this available as a module through Bower?

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hello, thank it served me.
a query, if confirmed execute an action , but if not confirmed , I just submit the form , I need to do nothing , to if
if ( message && confirm ( message) ) {
$ scope apply ( attrs.ngReallyClick ) . ;
} else {
$ scope apply ( void (0 ) ) . ;

I put something, so you do not run nothing but works for me , just send the form where I have incorporated ng - really- click

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great job! worked perfectly!

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great snippet!

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fbriou commented Dec 8, 2015

Top! Thank you.

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nhobi commented Apr 6, 2016

This is so great. Thanks!

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Awesome man! 👍

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Beginner saved. Tnahk you!

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rkingon commented Aug 19, 2016

FYI - you don't need to clean this up afterwards w/ $destroy because the element that has the event listener is already being removed which also kills the bind (personally though, I would use on over bind

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Im using a function just like this but i have an issue as other guys told, everytime l select cancel button the requested post it increments one at time, This way when l finally confirm the modal lt sends all the cumulative requests.
Someone have this issue?

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f2001340 commented Jan 4, 2017

Thankyou! Good Stuff.

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Thank you somuch...

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nice na !!!

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confirm action is called thrice :( and ajax post is called thrice in my case, can someone help?

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dimaanj commented Sep 9, 2019


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