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import cmap_kittens
from import fits
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
data = fits.getdata('monalisa.fits')[0]
plt.imshow(data, cmap='kittens', origin='lower')
astrofrog /
Created Jul 16, 2019
Example of creating 2d viewers from a single 3d viewer in glue and keeping properties in sync
from glue.core import Data
from glue.config import viewer_tool
from glue.external.echo import keep_in_sync
from glue.viewers.common.tool import Tool
from glue.viewers.scatter.qt.data_viewer import ScatterViewer
from glue_vispy_viewers.scatter.scatter_viewer import VispyScatterViewer
class XYZViewersTool(Tool):
import os
import click
import shutil
@click.option('--notebook', required=True)
@click.option('--template', required=True)
@click.option('--app', required=True)
def make_app(notebook, template, app):
import os
import tarfile
import tempfile
import requests
BUILDS_URL = '{pipeline_id}/_apis/build/builds'
ARTIFACTS_URL = BUILDS_URL + '/{build_id}/artifacts'
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In [1]: import numpy as np
In [2]: x = np.arange(1000000)
In [3]: y = x[::2]
In [4]: y.__array_interface__
{'data': (4658720768, False),
'strides': (16,),
from import BaseCartesianData
from glue.core.message import NumericalDataChangedMessage
class IndexedData(BaseCartesianData):
A dataset where some dimensions have been removed via indexing.
def __init__(self, original_data, indices):


The main aim of the astropy-helpers is to make it easier to build, test, and produce documentation in packages. For example, it defines a python test command that can be used to run all the tests, and a python build_docs command that will automatically build the documentation using Sphinx. For more informaiton, see the README.rst file for astropy-helpers.

astrofrog / v3.0.5_vs_v3.1.x.log
Created Oct 29, 2018
Astropy performance changes from v3.0.5 to v3.1.x
View v3.0.5_vs_v3.1.x.log
Benchmarks that have improved:
before after ratio
[df4c75aa] [66ff20b9]
- 28.4±0.03ms 4.85±0.01ms 0.17 coordinates.FrameBenchmarks.time_concatenate_array
- 24.3±0.03ms 3.36±0.03ms 0.14 coordinates.FrameBenchmarks.time_concatenate_scalar
- 1.08±0.01ms 744±2μs 0.69 coordinates.FrameBenchmarks.time_init_array
- 390±0.4μs 82.6±0.6μs 0.21 coordinates.FrameBenchmarks.time_init_nodata
- 905±2μs 556±1μs 0.61 coordinates.FrameBenchmarks.time_init_scalar
- 18.4±0.01ms 1.79±0ms 0.10 coordinates.FrameBenchmarks.time_init_scalar_diff
View 2mass.tbl
\fixlen = T
\primary = 0
\RowsRetrieved = 23938
\QueryTime = 00:00:38.68672
\ORIGIN = 'IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA), Caltech/JPL'
\DATETIME= '2009-04-15 18:46:00'
\DataTag = 'ADS/IRSA.Gator#2009/0415/184600_12519'
\DATABASE= '2MASS All-Sky Point Source Catalog (PSC) (fp_psc)'
\EQUINOX = 'J2000'
\SKYAREA = 'within 1000 arcsec of ra=274.70073 dec=-13.80723 Eq J2000 '
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