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Core Priorities

Briefly state your (2-5) core priorities that represent your primary areas of focus and the targeted business impact. Also include your critical indicators of success for each

  1. Lower the barrier of entry to adopting and understanding TypeScript. Will validate by re-requesting feedback from the community a second time like issues #31983 and hopefully it should be a new set of problems.

  2. Provide resources for people wanting to improve the TypeScript community. Validated by seeing more meetups, conferences rely on infra we provide.

  3. Make it easier to people wanting to build tooling around TypeScript. Some of this can be think this can be validated by making a community survey and comparing to internal feedback. I have some personal docs, and ideas in the website overview but would be good to get overall ideas.

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Last active Oct 5, 2022
A "Best of the Best Practices" (BOBP) guide to developing in Python.

The Best of the Best Practices (BOBP) Guide for Python

A "Best of the Best Practices" (BOBP) guide to developing in Python.

In General


  • "Build tools for others that you want to be built for you." - Kenneth Reitz
  • "Simplicity is alway better than functionality." - Pieter Hintjens