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orta / me.txt
Last active Jun 25, 2020
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Since 2013 I've worked entirely in the open, lowering the barriers to different developer ecosystems as one of the most active users on GitHub.
I've helped big OSS projects with design, project management and occasionally code.
I'm currently exploring a YouTube video series and am interested in where GitHub Sponsors goes.
orta / all_pods_with_spm.csv
Created Jun 17, 2020
Pods which has SPM support
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name spm_support
Representor TRUE
URITemplate TRUE
Siren TRUE
CryptoSwift TRUE
KeychainAccess TRUE
NSManagedObject-HYPPropertyMapper TRUE
ProtocolBuffers-Swift TRUE
orta / types.txt
Last active May 11, 2020
Types on DT by popularity
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node, yargs, events, minimatch, glob, q, istanbul-lib-coverage, istanbul-lib-report, @babel/generator, @babel/traverse, react, stack-utils, @babel/core, istanbul-reports, yargs-parser, @babel/template, prop-types, lodash, jest, color-name, json-schema, express, express-serve-static-core, connect, body-parser, serve-static, mime, parse-json, eslint-visitor-keys, range-parser, react-dom, normalize-package-data, history, long, webpack-sources, tough-cookie, request, unist, source-list-map, caseless, tapable, webpack, estree, jasmine, webpack-env, react-transition-group, selenium-webdriver, uglify-js, uuid, sizzle, react-router, @reach/router, hoist-non-react-statics, fs-extra, zen-observable, chai, anymatch, jquery, semver, debug, ws, react-syntax-highlighter, mocha, bluebird, react-redux, react-router-dom, @testing-library/dom, json5, node-fetch, jasminewd2, cheerio, is-function, react-textarea-autosize, cors, duplexify, @testing-library/react, mkdirp, babel-types, babylon, enzyme, react-native, async, keygrip,

Core Priorities

Briefly state your (2-5) core priorities that represent your primary areas of focus and the targeted business impact. Also include your critical indicators of success for each

  1. Lower the barrier of entry to adopting and understanding TypeScript. Will validate by re-requesting feedback from the community a second time like issues #31983 and hopefully it should be a new set of problems.

  2. Understand the TypeScript Codebase enough to provide useful API documentation and fix bugs. Validated by having a more comprehensive set of tools for understanding

  3. Make contributing to TypeScript easier, and reduce the amount of work maintainers need to do. Validated probably by the number of open PRs, and the number of external contributors per release.

orta /
Last active Apr 22, 2020
TypeScript website a11y overview
title layout permalink oneline
Creating .d.ts Files from .js files
How to add d.ts generation to JavaScript projects

With TypeScript 3.7, TypeScript added support for generating .d.ts files from JavaScript using JSDoc syntax.

orta /
Last active Apr 6, 2020
RFC to add types to the npm registry

Add Types Metadata to the Registry Packument


Add an unambiguous notation to the derived package.json whether a dependency includes types.


It would be great to know from the NPM API if a library included type definitions. This would allow the npm website, and other tooling to be able to help people make decisions about which dependencies they would like to use and support for types plays into that.

orta /
Last active Mar 5, 2020
TypeScript and JS tooling in Svelte

Goal: TypeScript-style tooling in Svelte

Getting TS in Svelte might be a blocker for some, but I think the underlaying advantage comes in that the TS tools are just a stricter version of the JS tools. Everyone using Svelte gets improvements in tooling from this, not just folks with TS.

Three main steps:

  1. Migrate svelte-preprocess into core (and/or take enough functionality that it's not needed)
  2. Create "svelte/svelte-language-tools" repo in main org
    1. Add svelte-language-server
    2. Add svelte-vscode
View gist:121bdadad4e39ac50fd6f7eb2e350d27
- Can they show code which uses this API as shown?
- Does the code appear to be low impact?
- For a high impact change, is the value worth it - this should probably only for nullability or number to number | string
- Can we add a script to run a bot with latest lib DTS over on the TypeScript side - ask wes for feasibility for user tests
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