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{"@timestamp":"2017-05-10T13:59:26.000+00:00","@source":"web","@fields":{"environment":"production","host":"cardiff","principal":"deploy","tid":"1s0fg0","pid":10841,"revision":"7be56fd","request_id":"4eedd27e-6478-41da-83b7-a85b4fa49f61","method":"GET","path":"/joinery/work_orders.json","format":"json","controller":"spree/joinery/work_orders","action":"index","referer":"","parameters":{"page":"1","per_page":"100","q":{"s":"framing_to_be_completed_at desc","with_facility":"2","work_order_quicknum":"W129"}},"ip":"","ua":"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/57.0.2987.133 Safari/537.36","status":500,"duration":118.94,"type":"error.action_view.template.error","message":"nil can't be coerced into BigDecimal","backtrace":["/srv/www/framebridge/releases/20170509182738/app/services/fulfillment/dimension_calculator.rb:7:in `+'","/srv/www/framebridge/releases/20170509182738/app/services/fulfillment/dimension_calculat
while true ; do
for i in all_the_things applejack artemis badpundog bananadance batman bb8 beryl black black_square blue bowtie captain_obvious carlton champagnepop clapping comehither companion_cube cool_cat cubimal_chick cupcake cute-popcorn dancingchick dealwithit donut dusty_stick easy fastparty feelsgood fiestaparty fingerscrossed finnadie fireworks2 flex fluttershy flyingmoneyz fu garybusey glitch_crab glitched goberserk godmode goldstar grapefruit green grinch grumpycat hahaha hamsterparty hedgehog hmmm hurtrealbad jeff jupiter kenbone kirby lightbulb lime lunch macaroni magnum mario mars matt metal milk moonpower neckbeard ninja nola octocat pancake partytime penguin2 piggy pikachu pink pinkiepie pizzapizza pluto potatoskins pride prince rage1 rage2 rage3 rage4 rainbow_puke rainbowdash rarity red robert_bell robertbell rube sailormoon sailormoonpower saturn sherlock shipit simple_smile slack slam sonic spike squirrel stitch success superman suspect takemymoney tardis thumbs
while true ; do
for i in arrow_up arrow_upper_right arrow_right arrow_lower_right arrow_down arrow_lower_left arrow_left arrow_upper_left ; do
echo "$text: $emoji"
curl "$token&profile=%7B%20%22status_text%22%3A%20%22$text%22%2C%20%22status_emoji%22%3A%20%22%3A$emoji%3A%22%20%7D&pretty=1"
# Fill in your slack token (the bad way), and then this will
# set your status text/emoticon to the current hour of the day!
# After testing, put this in your contrab like:
# 0 * * * * /path/to/ >/dev/null 2>&1
View bracket.rb
games = [
{name: "Villanova", seed: 1},
{name: "MSM", seed: 16},
{name: "Wisconsin", seed: 8},
{name: "Virginia Tech", seed: 9},
{name: "UVA", seed: 5},
{name: "UNC Wilmington", seed: 12},
{name: "Florida", seed: 4},
{name: "ETSU", seed: 13},
View bracket.pl6
my @games = (
(name => "Villanova", seed => 1),
(name => "MSM", seed => 16),
(name => "Wisconsin", seed => 8),
(name => "Virginia Tech", seed => 9),
(name => "UVA", seed => 5),
(name => "UNC Wilmington", seed => 12),
(name => "Florida", seed => 4),
(name => "ETSU", seed => 13),
View oracle.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
puts "I am the great ORACLE!!"
puts "Ask me any question, if you dare!"
puts "BUT BEWARE!!!!"
puts "You may not like the answer."
View badtemplate.rb
class Template
def initialize(&block)
@body = block
def method_missing(v)
View quick.p6
module Test::QuickCheck {
multi gen(Int) { 1000000.rand.Int }
our sub verify-one( &f, &predicate ) {
my @params = & -> $p {
# say "Param: {$p.gist}";
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