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Last active April 22, 2017 09:49
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pyplot wrapper
#!/usr/bin/env perl6
my $hashes = qqx{git log --since 2010-05-01 --merges --grep 'Merge pull request' --pretty=format:'%h %p %at\t%s' | grep 'Merge pull request '};
$hashes ~~ s:g/\t.*?$$//;
my @triples = $hashes.split(/\n/).map: {[$_.split(/\s/)]};
@triples .= grep(* == 4);
my %branches;
for @triples -> [$base, $left, $right, $date] {
my @commits = qqx{git log --first-parent $left..$right --pretty=format:'%h %at %ce'}\
my $count = @commits.elems;
my $first_date = @commits[*-1][1];
my $age = $date - $first_date;
# CSV export...
# say "$base, $left, $right, $date, $first_date, $count, $age" if $age < 60*60*24;
%branches<<$base>> = {
left => $left,
right => $right,
first_time => $first_date,
merge_time => $date,
commit_count => $count,
lifespan => $age,
sub avg(@n) { ([+] @n) / @n.elems }
my $avg_lifetime = avg(*<lifespan>));
say "Avg lifetime: {$avg_lifetime/60/60} hours";
use lib $?FILE.IO.dirname;
use Matplotlib;
say "Count: {%branches.values.elems}";
my $plt =;
$plt.ylabel('Lifespan (days)');
class Matplotlib {
use Inline::Python;
has $!py;
submethod BUILD() {
$!py =;
$!'import matplotlib.pyplot')
method FALLBACK($name, *@x) { $!'matplotlib.pyplot', $name, @x); }
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0racle commented Feb 25, 2017

the FALLBACK method should use a Capture rather than a slurpy array.

    method FALLBACK($name, |c) {
        $!'matplotlib.pyplot', $name, |c);

This ensures named arguments (kwargs) get passed correctly.

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