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Mountain Lion Notification Center via Python
import Foundation
import objc
import AppKit
import sys
NSUserNotification = objc.lookUpClass('NSUserNotification')
NSUserNotificationCenter = objc.lookUpClass('NSUserNotificationCenter')
def notify(title, subtitle, info_text, delay=0, sound=False, userInfo={}):
notification = NSUserNotification.alloc().init()
if sound:
notify("Test message", "Subtitle", "This message should appear instantly, with a sound", sound=True)
sys.stdout.write("Notification sent...\n")

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MrBjorn commented Aug 26, 2014


I tried this, but it didn't show any notification. I am on 10.9.4, anything that have changed maybe?



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karlbunch commented Oct 5, 2014

@MrBjorn I was able to make it work on 10.9.5 by making it a proper python script:

$ cat > ~/tmp/n
{cut-paste above here}
$ chmod a+x ~/tmp/n
$ ~/tmp/n

Worked right out of the gate!

@baliw Thanks this saved me a lot of time digging into OSX Docs to figure out the objects and call structure.


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meoow commented Oct 12, 2014

Is there a way to custom the icon showing in notification?
The message does not wrap but cut off if longer than the width, any workaround?


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WardsParadox commented Oct 17, 2014

Icon is dependent on the script icon. Just found that out myself.


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muammar commented Sep 25, 2016

I am getting this error:

  % python3                                                                                                                         !10244
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1, in <module>
    import Foundation
ImportError: No module named 'Foundation'

Should I install pyobjc?.


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lakshmi-subramanya commented Oct 23, 2019

Getting following error on MAC OS 10.13 onwards: error: NSInvalidUnarchiveOperationException - Class 'OC_PythonDictionary' has a superclass that supports secure coding, but 'OC_PythonDictionary' overrides -initWithCoder: and does not override +supportsSecureCoding. The class must implement +supportsSecureCoding and return YES to verify that its implementation of -initWithCoder: is secure coding compliant.

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