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Debugging & Profiling Node.js
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ttezel commented Mar 21, 2013

thanks for this list - helpful!

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Very helpful indeed. Thanks!

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Just a heads up regarding the Nodetime: they now require an accountKey that you need to get by signing up at their web site.

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great resource 👍 :feelsgood:

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passy commented May 1, 2013

There's also traceGL now:

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Very good,thank you!

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Thank you.

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Thank you!

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balupton commented May 1, 2013

Wow, traceGL seems amazing! Added it to the list :) Also added downgrade information for node-inspector

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bj-aton commented May 10, 2013

Good job! thanks :)

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Flame Charts just landed in Chrome DevTools (cpu profiler) so porting them into node-webkit-agent should actually be fairly easy. cc @c4milo

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@paulirish can't seem to find the option in the cpu profiler. are you using chrome canary?

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b5 commented May 12, 2013

inspect heap snapshots with node-heapdump?

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rizalp commented May 12, 2013

Awesome. Is there any way we can integrate these tools with Sublime Text?

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Cloud9 IDE ( comes with a Node.js debugger.

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@balupton great list of tools.

For those of us who come from Eclipse comfort, debugging can be a lot like you are used to with JVM:

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jkrems commented May 12, 2013

Shameless plug: I'm currently working on a something that's pretty similar (and started as a fork of) to node-inspector [1]. It could be interesting for people using coffee-script since it has support for source maps. And it works with the built-in DevTools that ship with Chrome.


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datio commented Aug 3, 2013

You might want to edit your SO answer by adding Google WTF.

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php-cpm commented Sep 28, 2016

check it!

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