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Created Jun 23, 2022 — forked from idbrii/
An inline image version of Matt Walker's translation of CEDEC 2017 talks by Nintendo

System Design Cheatsheet

Step One: Framing The Problem a.k.a get the MVP

  • Identify the use cases that are in scope
  • Determine constraints based on scoped use cases

use case : the things your system needs to be do.

constraints : the things your system will have to consider to be able to do stuff

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Last active Dec 15, 2016
Batch Clone

This script will batch clone all repos retrieved from a RESOURCEURL into the current directory that you're in.

This will prompt you for your github password.

Example Resource URLS:[ORGNAME]/repos?page=[PAGENUMBER]

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Created Mar 3, 2016 — forked from btoone/
A curl tutorial using GitHub's API


An introduction to curl using GitHub's API

The Basics

Makes a basic GET request to the specifed URI

banunatina / makerepo.zsh
Created Mar 3, 2016
ZSH Script to create a github repo using HTTPS/SSH, set it as the origin, and push to its master branch
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# This zsh script takes 1 parameter - the repo name.
# Remember replace USER with your username!
makerepo () {
curl -u 'USER' -d \{\"name\":\"$1\"\}
# Uncomment the line below to use HTTPS (will prompt for password)
# git remote add origin$1.git
# Uncomment the line below to use SSH (requires prior setup)
# git remote add origin$1.git
git push origin master