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barchef /
Created June 16, 2024 04:09

Scrips Litepaper

1. Abstract

Scrips is an innovative peer-to-peer Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading platform designed for small-cap cryptocurrencies and presale allocations. By leveraging smart contract technology, Scrips ensures secure and transparent on-chain transactions, addressing the critical issues of unauthorized token trading and high platform fees that plague existing OTC desks. The platform's unique features include customizable vesting schedules for token sales and direct integration with leading crypto launchpads for trustless presale allocation trading. Scrips introduces a utility token, $SCRIP, to foster ecosystem growth and reward users through staking and a referral program, creating a robust and user-friendly environment for crypto trading.

In economics, a Scrip is a substitute or alternative to legal tender. Holding a Scrip entitles the bearer to receive something in return. Scrips come in many different forms, primarily as a form of credit, with the document acknowledging

barchef /
Created February 18, 2024 19:15

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am barchef on github.
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To claim this, I am signing this object:

barchef / ContractConfigurator.sol
Created October 31, 2017 18:39
pragma solidity ^0.4.15;
* @title ERC20Basic
* @dev Simpler version of ERC20 interface
* @dev see
contract ERC20Basic {
uint256 public totalSupply;
function balanceOf(address who) constant returns (uint256);
barchef / gist:c25b137ba7003b230dbc51c7fa726caa
Created October 12, 2017 21:29
Second Rinkeby Test Account
barchef / gist:5f74258f627e2efef1b3a4c7360315d0
Last active October 12, 2017 21:28
Rinkeby Test Account