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Rough ideas for a gherkin-like environment for writing web applications. Things in parentheses are comments. `do some name` triggers the 'some name' signal defined by `on some name`
on GET /notes
fetch the 20 most recent notes filtered by tag
show as h-feed
on GET /notes/new
the user must be an admin
show autofilled note-form
on GET /notes/{id}
fetch note
show as h-entry
on POST /notes
the user must be an admin
make note from the request
do pre-note tasks (autolinking, etc)
save note
do post-note tasks (webmention, POSSE and such)
save note (just in case post-note tasks altered it)
redirect to note as 303 (See Other)
on PUT /notes/{id}
user must be an admin
fetch note
update note from request
do post-note-edit tasks
save note
on pre-note tasks
convert markdown
autolink URLs
autolink contact names
on post-note tasks
send webmentions
POSSE to twitter
on post-note-edit tasks
send webmentions
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bnvk commented Aug 8, 2013

Next level shizzle... same as that snúðar :D

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bcomnes commented Aug 9, 2013


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barnabywalters commented Aug 11, 2013

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