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Brennan Novak bnvk

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import email
import json
import sys
import random
from matrix_client.api import MatrixHttpApi
html_template = (
"<b>From</b>: %(from)s\n"
"<b>To</b>: %(to)s\n"
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Sass/Less Comparison

In this document I am using Sass's SCSS syntax. You can choose to use the indented syntax in sass, if you prefer it, it has no functional differences from the SCSS syntax.

For Less, I'm using the JavaScript version because this is what they suggest on the website. The ruby version may be different.


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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am bnvk on github.
* I am bnvk ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is 01AE EADB 9EED 1B5B 4280 E5B6 C4CA A23B 0F8C 68B2
To claim this, I am signing this object:
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Verifying myself: My Bitcoin username is +bnvk.
bnvk / gist:c5e158cb4d9f0e54edda
Created Jun 29, 2014
IndieMark 1 (author h-card)
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<div class="vcard h-card">
<img class="u-photo photo" src="">
<p class="p-note">
<a rel="me" href="" class="u-url url p-name fn">
<span class="p-given-name given-name">Brennan</span>
<span class="p-family-name family-name">Novak</span>
<span class="p-job-title">internet builder</span>
<span class="p-job-title">co-founder</span>
<span class="p-job-title">software engineer</span>
bnvk / indie-store-project-snippet-rough
Created Mar 17, 2014
IndieStore Project Snippet (rough)
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"description": "A modern, fast web-mail client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features",
"license_url": "",
"logo": "mailpile.png",
"notes": "",
"privacy_url": "",
"source_url": "",
"name": "Mailpile",
"tos_url": "",
"url": "",
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on GET /notes
fetch the 20 most recent notes filtered by tag
show as h-feed
on GET /notes/new
the user must be an admin
show autofilled note-form
on GET /notes/{id}
fetch note
bnvk / cs3_panorama.html
Created May 4, 2013
Nifty CSS3 + JS panorama code by @barnabywalters
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<title>CSS3 Panorama by Barnaby Walters</title>
<style type="text/css">
.panorama-container {
width: 750px;
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class ServiceHelper {
// @text is the full tweet text
// @shortCode is the code part of the shortlink, like nXXX0
public function shortenForTwitter($text, $shortCode=FALSE, $shortDomain=FALSE) {
$placeholders = array();
$rawTweet = $text;
bnvk /
Created Jul 24, 2012 — forked from jimmynotjim/
Tweetbot can use regular expressions to mute tweets in your timeline and mentions.

##Simply annoying Tweets

Annoyingly extended words (4+ of the same letter in a phrase): OOOOHHHHMMMMYYYYGGGGOOOODDDD


Tweet w/ just a single hashtag: #omgthissucks

^ *#[^ ]+$
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