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Tweetbot can use regular expressions to mute tweets in your timeline and mentions.

##Simply annoying Tweets

Annoyingly extended words (4+ of the same letter in a phrase): OOOOHHHHMMMMYYYYGGGGOOOODDDD


Tweet w/ just a single hashtag: #omgthissucks

^ *#[^ ]+$

Not a regex, but self retweets: In case you missed it I pooped this morning :)

In case you missed it

##App Location Updates

(updated for multiple words in Location name) Path app location updates: (at Location) -

\(at [a-zA-z0-9_ ]*\) — http://[^ ]+$

Foursquare app location updates: w/ @twittername

w/ @[^@]+ http://[^ ]+$

More Foursquare app location updates: w/ 8 others

w/ [0-9]+ others http://[^ ]+$

Yet more Foursquare app location updates (seriously...): (@ Location w/ 4 others)

\(@ [a-zA-Z0-9_/ ] w/ [0-9]+ others*\) http://[^ ]+$

Hashtag abuse

Three or more hashtags.


Long hashtags (15+ characters): #hashtagpunchline

#[^ ]{15}

CamelCase hashtags (3+ Words): #NotSelfAware

#[^a-z ]+[^A-Z ]+[^a-z ]+[^A-Z ]+[^a-z ]+[^ ]*

Painful to read

Unforgivable word shortening: I'm near ur place r u busy?


Mass conversations (4+ Mentions): @guy @dude @otherguy @man totally.


Retweet chains (2+ RTs): OMG RT @teengirlsquad RT @beebz I'm thinking of you.


Mentions with only a URL (spam): @imathis

^@imathis *https?://[^ ]+$
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